Tarot interpretation, can I get a second opinion please?

There’s someone I am having a problem with, I’ve tried talking to her and she won’t respond and I want to get her away from my boyfriend (and also to suffer if she doesn’t) so I plan to work on her, so I thought about what I want to do and then I consulted my tarot cards.

I basically asked whether spirit would have my back/ what the outcome would be of working on her and I pulled four cards, left to right. I am an Earth Sign, she is a fire sign. I occasionally do other spreads like the Celtic Cross etc but mostly I read it as one message, left to right.

Please could someone give me their opinion/ interpretation?

When you pull the cards, you usually know in advance what the position of each card represents. Did you keep such intentions in mind when you did the pull or did you pick 4 as a random number?

What was the question you asked as you pulled?

I would try a binding. I use poppets for these by Meh’mion can help you with this.

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There’s a high chance any baneful working done on her could backfire and lead you both to “trade places,” you’d be cast out.

This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything though. You could freeze her, neutralize her, banish her, cut cords between her and your bf… but make sure you don’t curse her or do it from an emotional place of anger, hatred, or jealousy, because it will bounce back.

The Justice and Wheel cards are the ones indicating all that.

You’re the Queen of Wands, the witch. She’s the Queen of Pentacles. You got your eyes on her, but she doesn’t even look at you, she doesn’t mind. And between the two of you stands the Wheel, like a “reverse” Uno card (so you get the idea).

She must have strong Earth placements somewhere in her chart. She’s probably blessed by Saturn (Capricorn) somewhere.

TL;DR: you can safely neutralize or cut their connection, but don’t even think of causing any harm to her because it can backfire greatly on you.

Alternatively, you could direct your magick towards your bf so he loses interest in her.

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Thank you for your response :blush:

The question I asked was “If I work on her, what will the outcome be?” The number of cards I’ve been pulling recently is usually 3,unless I get an extra pop out, but this time I asked for one more for further clarification. I read them left to right, like a single card pull, but with more information and reading the message or story from left to right. I’ve been preferring to pull them like that and read it like a message rather than past, present, future outcome etc.

I didn’t want to say my interpretation of it until now as I didn’t want to influence/ cloud the interpretations of anyone who read this and replied, but I read it as -
“You can punish her if you like but the wheel of fortune could serve you some karma for it”

She is a Sagittarius so I’m guessing she is the Queen of Wands and I have my sun and Mercury in an earth sign (my Mars is a fire sign but still think the Queen of Pentacles is possibly representative of me here)

I did have a turn of events yesterday that’s left me with a change of heart as I don’t think she actually has done anything wrong. I think they were just friends and not even met in person.

At the time I really wanted a second opinion to say “it’s fine, it says fuck her up” lol, but I guess she didn’t deserve it after all and I would of been wrong for that.

I do think that’s a very good idea to bind her still though, just Incase me interfering does actually start something between them. I haven’t worked with Meh’ mion before, perhaps this is my sign too.

Thank you very much for your response and advice


Thank you for your response :blush:

She is a Sagittarius and I have some strong earth placements and when I do love readings, it does often use that card, The Queen of pentacles, as representative of me (I’m usually shown using that and I often get the King of Cups a lot for the guy involved) so I’m thinking she is the Queen Of Wands, but I also read it as don’t do it, they’ll potentially be backlash.

You’re definitely correct thank you, I need to remind myself of reacting too emotionally (sorry I’m paraphrasing as I can’t see your comment now I’m replying) I have bdp so it’s an ongoing thing I’m working on.
I don’t actually think that they’ve met now, I think they’ve just spoke online. I think I will still do that and bind her though, just Incase.
I think I will most likely work on him a bit too, also just to be sure lol. Thank you so much for your reply and advice (I’m sorry if I haven’t replied to all of your message, I can’t see it as I’m typing and my memory is bad)

  • oh actually, once I did a reading and it was referring to my mum with the QOP and not me, she’s a Capricorn :blush: (but I do feel in my gut it likely means me in this case)
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