Tarot Decks With the Best Symbolism?

I’ve been thinking about getting another tarot deck, as mine is reeeeally lacking visually, symbolically. Been thinking about getting a standard Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but then i’m like “nah, everyone has one of those…”

so, i’d love to check out some other decks that are packed with suggestive images… suggestions?

Which tarot deck(s) do you feel have the most/best symbolism in their illustrations?

Which tarot deck(s) tell you a story with their art?


I love the art in Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon Tarot.


I’m thinking of getting the Patch tarot (if I said it correctly)

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I should also include my other favorites:

Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, which is pretty symbolism intensive, and the ONA Sinister Tarot, the art of which is haunting.


Witches tarot looks awesome, didn’t really care much for the companion book though. Thoth is cool and deep but also complicated and a bit trippy. Plus its maybe the second most popular deck as everyone seems to have one. Vision tarot is pretty good if you like realistic pictures in your tarot. Don’t quite remember if their actual photographs or photo realistic paintings.


There are actually two tarot categories the way I see it. The Waite Raider deck and the Thoth deck. The rest of them belong to one of these categories but they have different pictures (and perhaps some small technical changes).

The Patch tarot is the fusion of Waite Raider and Thoth decks into one, introducing the holy arcana. In other words, it’s a new third category. It’s easy to learn like the Waite Raider deck and gives results as deep as the Thoth deck. With the holy arcana you can find results that you couldn’t with the previous ones. Also, the pictures are really nice. The deck has 82 cards and even though I haven’t used tarot yet, I’m thinking of starting with it (it comes with a guide book).

Then again, it’s really what draws you to a deck.
Tell me your thoughts guys.


Vice Versa Tarot
Santa Muerte Tarot by Fabio Listrani
Mystical Manga Tarot

They’re all gorgeous decks…


I also like the mystical manga tarot deck. It has a nice style :grinning:



I wish it was around when I first started - I would have LOVED them as a starter deck…

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I agree! I believe it gives great detail too.


Plus they’re sooo preeettty!! :star_struck::star_struck::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Honestly though so are the other two I mentioned - the Vice Versa tarot is interesting because instead of just having the one traditional image, on the back sides of the cards is a slightly different ‘reversed’ version of the original image so you would read it that way… It’s basically two decks in one and has LOTS of it’s own different symbols what with the different illustrations…

And that Santa Muerte one is also amazing in it’s own right and is absolutely dripping with occult symbolism. I highly recommend all three :slight_smile:


The issue with Patch Tarot is that you can’t buy a physical copy because none were made, you have to buy a digital copy then print it out yourself. If I could get a physical copy, I’d get one as my next deck.


I haven’t tried the other two but I should check them out sometime.

Really? Oh, I thought I could buy a physical copy of it but the pack had some digital goods too (images and an ebook).

If you’re interested, when I get home I don’t mind taking pictures of them for you so you can see the whole deck before you commit to buying…?

(It’ll be quite a few hours from now though because I’m literally only about an hour into my work day… )

@anon27714670 if you’re interested, I can send you the pics, too…


Thanks but I can find pictures on the internet. You don’t have to go to all that trouble :grin:

OMG that’d be lovely! :smiley: Thank you so much!

Sooooo turns out you were right, @Manosman - I didn’t have to go through all the work!
I found a few flip thoughs on Youtube:



Even though I like the mystical manga tarot and the viceversa tarot, I’m not really into the santa muerte tarot.

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It’s certainly one of my faves - and actually the clip doesn’t do the cards justice as far as the vibrancy of the colours IRL…

Side note: If you check out the Youtube channel ‘Darkstar Tarot’ she has plenty of decks that she does full flip throughs of so if you’re thinking about getting a new deck then check out her channel and see if she’s already done a vid of them so you can see them all and can decide whether or not to purchase :slight_smile: