Taoist Meditation and Weather Magick for Healing

Hello everyone, I have some great information to share with you all on Eastern meditation, more specifically Taoist meditation and how you can use the weather to heal yourself. Firstly, we must know how the organs and the human body relate to the weather. The gall bladder is related to the clouds, the liver is related to the wind, the spleen is related to thunder and the kidneys relate to rain. Also, the round shape of the head is a representation of Heaven (Yang) and the square shape of the feet represents Earth (Yin) Different weather patterns affect the human body in many ways, “As within so without” It is well known within Taoist practice, that meditating whilst in the presence of fog/mist is very healthy. This is a practice known as “Eating vapor” it should be performed at early dawn just as the Sun is rising. A lot of mist/fog holds good qi within it, this qi will travel straight to the organs in order to nourish them. Not all mist is healthy though, it is advised that one should not absorb mist from a swamp area as this can cause moisture to build up in the lungs (qi stagnation)

Water is a great healer in Taoist practices but only in certain situations. If you meditate beside a river or a stream, the water should be quiet, clean and radiant. If the water is loud, murky and dull, do not meditate near it. When you use Taoist meditation, you soak up all the qi in the nearby area so if the area is dying (dead vegetation, pollution, filthy river, fallen trees etc) this qi will enter your body and cause illness, so only practice in a vibrant location where the plants/flowers are lively. Meditating near an ocean is one of the greatest ways to heal the body using nature. Wind is also very important, there exists Yin and Yang winds. There is more Yin in the wind during Winter and more Yang in the wind during Summer. Yin wind tends to drain qi from places and people whilst Yang wind is much more healthy. Ancient Taoists used Yang wind to remove negative spirits. There are three directional winds that are considered helpful, East, Southeast, and South. The rest are destructive. These should only be summoned by experienced practitioners. Each of the eight different directions of wind has their own power and they also correspond to The Eight Trigrams of the Bagua.

Collecting rainwater during a thunderstorm has proven to be useful for internal healing, keep the water in a sealed jar beside your bed. Taoist’s associate thunder with a Deity known as “Lei Gong - The Duke of Thunder” I have personally worked with him many times during my weather rituals and he is also very useful for destroying your enemies. Rain has a unique quality to it, if you call forth rain, you could use it to wash away old unwanted feelings like depression and sadness, stand outside in the rain and allow the water to purify you and melt away the negativity. I hope this info will be of use to you. Everything I have mentioned I have tried myself, so I know it works very well.


Excellent and fascinating as ever, thank you!


Thank you @LordJoshAllen, very useful informations!


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Thank you Lord Josh Allen,

I’ve just shared your video for a friend of mine,
which had requested to get a weather alteration from me,
to get sun to come out and shine /(she’s a public person, and her acts happen under open heaven.)

For specifically calling the Sun to shine strongly,
i recommended her Sorath,
and guided her on how to use Sorath correctly.

I added your guide,
to extend on it,
and give her access to the other Weather atributes and alterations.

Note, that due to be known to her,
you’ll gain more following and attention in the comming future,
since she’s adored by many.




Whoever Your friend is, I wish her good luck :hugs:

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yeah. didn’t want to name her because of her being in the public eye.

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What about rains in the city ? I live in a extremely populated city so rains here is considered acid rains coz of pollution. What about that?

This city is also a coastal city , right next to the Arabian Sea. So the beach is often dirty but is it ok to meditate there? And ask the sea to heal and purify? And will the sea pollutants like plastic etc not be a concern?