Talking to dead people in dreams

Hi. So a few months ago I was regularly participating in dreams with dead people What does this mean. Three men and a woman to be exact. Two of the men welcomed me The third played games with me but never spoke and the woman never spoke but I was surprised to see her as I had last seen her on a ventilator before she passed away about 16 years ago

What does all mean. I was freaked out by all the dead souls coming to me all at once not scared but just a bit concerned about what my next step in this world would be. Was I headed to another plane of existence Was that the meaning of all the contact or was I somehow transitioning into a somewhat more highly sensitive psychic.

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Psychic mediumship and the study of tarot explains that “the world of dreams is enormous, in which the impossible sometimes becomes possible. When someone dies - or becomes disembodied - and passes to the spiritual world or afterlife, he can try of communicating with loved ones who are still alive in the physical plane in different ways. “One of the most frequent ways is to try to establish communication when the person falls asleep. Every night, when we go to bed, there comes a time when our astral body leaves the physical body and travels along its plane, the astral, while the physical body stays in bed. In general, we do not remember these trips we make every night, since on the astral plane we are also half asleep, semi-unaware of what is happening around us there. Recall now that the astral plane is the same as the one we are going after we die, so that place is full of disembodied beings, as well as inhabitants of the astral. In this way, if we have lost a loved one it is very possible that he is in that plane and take advantage of the fact that we are there during the dream to be able to communicate with us, so this becomes a very simple means of communication for both "

Dreams are a product of our mind, of all the information that we have stored in our subconscious through the years, and even through human evolution.
Why can we “see” in our dreams, if we have our eyes closed? It is simple.
The eyes make up only 10% of our vision. The other 90%, is a process carried out in the occipital region of our brain, which is responsible for producing the images you want about the world.
There are blind people who, although they have their eyes in their place, simply do not serve them to see the world. However (and above all, those people who are not blind from birth), recreate images in their mind that allows them to see, as if they were doing it through their eyes … This, thanks to the evolution of their other senses, and to the storage of images in their first years of life.

There is a time when the soul leaves the physical body and travels on an astral plane, but it is not the same as the images that recreate our mind in a dream.
To differentiate an astral journey with a dream, certain signs have to be recognized. The one who wakes up, after seeing a deceased on the astral plane, remembers clearly, feels stillness as well as tranquility and joy, receives a message of very short hope, knows new things about the deceased person, can perceive cold, They see symbols and don’t forget the minutes.
By having contact with the deceased person, they can alert or advise you. However, if it is not an astral journey, but a dream this is linked to depression, sadness or feelings of guilt that is generated after the loss. Thus, if a negative message is received, it would be a reflection of the dreamer’s own thoughts, fears of changes, needing his company or is a way of dealing with losing someone.

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The only plane of existence is in your mind?
Your vision of the dead may reflect a loss or sense of failure most meanings focus on recent misfortune.

Dreams and visions are symbolic and a dead body represents transformation to embrace change and how you approach change.

This dream indicates possible difficult times ahead perhaps with the death of a relationship or friend. The horror and worry when we encounter death in our visions show that perhaps we have some uncertainty for the future.

Speaking as someone that believes in an external reality, sometimes the dead can get suck in the near astral. In this state they can tell when people can sense them, and they attempt to contact them asking for help, or sometimes just contact with the living.

The first time I performed necromancy to call the dead to me in ritual, it became apparent that they are very keen to make contact, and they will do what they can to help you in return to keep that contact. But it depends who they are and thier skills.

So it remains for you to contact them back and ask them what they want :slight_smile:

You can do that through whatever you favourite method of spirit communication is. I would use a form of shamanic journeying, where I take myself in trance back to reenter one of the dreams from a certain point lucidly and take it from there.