Talked today with king bael

He told me that it is possible to cause death without any candles or other stuff and I can cause death only with the power of words. does it make sense? can words be powerful enough?

If you can infuse the words with energy, then yes. That’s the basis of the Cabal’s “sonic magick.”

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How to infuse the words with energy?

Basically,the same way you would infuse anything with energy. Fill yourself with power, and then hold your intention in mind while you speak the words, projecting them at your target.

In some cultures they believe when you really angry at or hurt by someone you should stop yourself from cursing them . Saying things like “I hope he dies” or
“i hope he vomits blood” or “I hope he doesn’t get a grave when he dies” actually have a high chance of coming true as they are infused with lot of anger and pain at that moment!


Yes, its been done by users in the past. This one here is a good example