Talisman Of Demonic/Angelic Healing

Talismanic Tablet Of Infernal & Celestial Healing.

I have had incredible results over the past couple of years combining demonic and angelic energies/power to heal not only myself but several loved ones such as my grandfather, partner, grandmother and several clients. Ive worked with a wide range of healing spirits before Buer, Hent’yos and so many more, however the two which just work absolutely amazing together is Marbas and Raphael.

So recently instead of just calling them forth to heal people, i decided to get taught their unique intermingled healing angelic and demonic magick. This was the gift that they gave me.

A new sorcerous technology given to me by both this demon and angel, is this healing tablet. The inner circle contains a variety of sigillic seeds serving unique healing functions, with their own specific frequencies and vibrations for the healing process of mind, body and spirit.

The outer concentric circle can be split into two divisions, the left side of the circle is an angelic script to anchor the divine angelic energies for the science of healing to the operation at hand. Whilst the other half of the circle upon the right is a demonic script to anchor the demonic infernal energies for the science of healing to the same operation.

Contained herein are two sigils one of the demon Marbas and the other Raphael, connecting their power, essence and energies through these sigillic gateways. In the centre is a artistic depiction of the real astral vortex which emits from the tablet once activated, conveying the unification of demonic and angelic forces working in unison for the overall full healing force contained therein.

This is highly consecrated and focused grid of healing power/energy and essence, the image/energetic link of the target is placed in the centre of the vortex once its fully activated and awakened to its fullest potential. Sorcerous sigillic healing seeds, infernal and demonic power coalesced with angelic and celestial power, what’s not to love.

Thought I’d share this with you all let me know what you think, its high in terms of successful results and thats the main thing to me :slightly_smiling_face:



Super cool, I will definitely work with this! :slight_smile:


Awesome and I’ve also been experimenting with it in terms of charging specific oils, herbal healing recipes, water, etc by placing them in the centre of the activated grid/talismanic tablet :slightly_smiling_face:


So,it is enough to place a picture of someone we want to be healed(us included) and let the magic begin?
Or there is something else to do?
Thank you for everything :pray:

Its essentially limitless in terms of magickal capabilities, can be used for charging concoctions with the demonic/angelic healing energies/frequencies and vibrations.

One could have an energetic link of the target in the centre, scrying into marbas sigil and calling him forth, whilst then scrying into Raphaels sigil and call him forth. See how the energy within each sigil begins emitting the spirits energy throughout the lines, or if you cant see it visualise it.

Personally i have saw a blue energy radiate from raphaels sigil into the lines of the angelic script, whilst simultaneously have seen a fiery demonic energy radiate from the sigil of marbas and into the lines of the demonic script. The inner circle then emits a glow of white pure light, until the centre opens up as a spiralling vortex of angelic and demonic energy. The blue angelic vortex spins clockwise, whilst the demonic spins counterclockwise.

As this energy begins intermingling and coalescing throughout the entirety of the talismanic tablet, one can direct that energy via will, intention, or visualisation. One may wish to direct it to a healing candle placed on top of the targets image which one may have anointed in healing oil’s or herbal recipes for health and healing. As mentioned earlier the applications to this are essentially limitless.


Thank you for your kind answer.

I was searching for things like these to help heal my patients. So far i ve used to heal with angels, demons, NAP attracting and banishing rituals to help heal cancer patients, kidney failure patients. I ll give this a try.

really cool🙏

I don’t know if it is the right way to use it, but I tried using this by only mentally targetting myself to remove my soreness from activity, and it worked almost immediately. Thanks for sharing the same.


Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

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Observing well but only with a PC monitor, devoting all the air to the tablet, one can connect very well, personally I first observed Marbas and then moved on to Raphael and then looked at all the symbols anti-clockwise, and immediately afterwards moving to the centre I virtually inserted the living being to be cured, after a few seconds the central circle comes to life like a quantum hologram that leads you to centre well on the objective by depositing your intent and letting it go into infinity. The energetic feeling was very good and welcoming, thank you dear for your sharing I appreciate it.