Taking your family out of Christianity

I have been advised by two entitites to pursue ritualistic ends to get my family out of Christianity. Basically conduct a series of rituals that will change their mindset and wishes overtime, a long process.

There are basically two conclusions here: 1 - they made their own choice. The path of christ is what fulfills them, they are walking as they wish to. Therefore, not my problem;

2 - It is not fair to see my family going through the same hardships, traumas and petty problems as 30 years ago. They should break these shackles.

Have anybody heard of this or could share any thoughts?

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honestly, no entity beneficial to you would ask for this, daemons or any other entity would never ask for this in my opinion, one of the precepts we have in magic is precisely free will, both yours and those around you and precisely why we use circles or protections in the house so as not to affect other people, in my opinion you should review this. If they are Christians and suffer because of this, perhaps the suffering is in the eye of the beholder and deep down God or Jesus comforts them in some way.


Well, I’ve seen them suffering for years and mostly for a lack of better judgement/clear vision regarding the world, people, mental health, community etc.

I agree with you about free will. One of the entities mentioned I could make my family life better through magic without them even knowing it, which is pretty rad.

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It’s very possible to influence people’s mindsets and get them to change radically over time, and yes it does take daily work but it sounds like it could be worth it.

We have a lot of posts about influencing people in various ways, Dantalion or Paimon are popular, creating a servitor, or this:
But it sounds like you already have entities volunteering?

I would offer a third viewpoint: who’s to say it’s not part of their path to have you act to help them out of the mental pain? Nobody can say that you aren’t sent to them from god to be the help they needed.

They don’t even have to get fully out of Chirality, there’s are plenty of Christians who do just fine on the religion and it doesn’t cause them problems, so maybe a freer version where they’re not using it as a rod to beat themselves with is all that “god is asking you to do”.

I would also say, imo you are god, and so are your family and so are the entities advising you: together we are all god, because god is everything, and in everything, so in my mind, god has spoken and whatever you choose to do is already divinely guided.


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Just to offer an alternative perspective. Freeing people from Christianity might be uncomfortable to them but it doesn’t reduce their freewill. If you freed a slave you don’t reduce their freewill, you increase it. That’s even if they didn’t ask.

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Nevermind, I see that part got deleted.

That’s actually a good point of view

Very good way of seeing things. I’ll let this sink in my thoughts till I figure my actual move.

Have you talked to your parents about their religion to see what they are getting out of it? You may think they are suffering but perhaps they themselves don’t see it that way. Before trying to “free them from their shackles,” you should perhaps try to understand what their needs are that the religion is fulfilling for them. If you don’t, then just pushing your own point of view on them will leave those needs unfilled, making them even more miserable. If you can find out what the religion gives them, you can then target your magick on getting those needs fulfilled in another way.

They have been more and more depressed over the years + the same issues are constantly happening. Trauma is never healed, only pushed aside. Mental health is not properly treated either. The mindset is always too close, they seem lost since I was a kid really. No one shares thoughts or deep emotions.

I’ve tried all kinds of conversations. My family has their religion as an assurance of a good afterlife and pure hope. Just hope that things will be better someday. Well, that day never came.

They also see the world as an Evil vs Good battle.

Did they grow up in the religion? Like, was it chosen for them by their parents, rather then by them as individuals? What you describe sounds to me like people who were forced into it against their will, like it was something expected of them.

I would strongly agree that the rituals to free them would be a good thing to move forward with. If they have been selected by god for god’s own uses and they have a genuine desire to follow him then nothing under the sun will have any effect on their relationship. All of your spell work and the Spirit’s power will be null and void. There are no supernatural forces that are more powerful than our own sadistic creator and if the creator has designated them as his slaves then nothing you or the Spirits can do will have any impact.

On the other hand, if they are self deluded and just following the dogma out of habit then helping them liberate themselves from those shackles would be of great benefit to them and everyone around them. Bottom line is that there is nothing to lose by exerting the effort to liberate them, and a lot to be gained if you are able to accomplish it.

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the foolishness of this venture astounds me, give up if you know what’s best for you

My mother went on her own and brought the whole family with her to the church life, basically.

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What kind of consequences would I face, sir? lmao. You sound mad

Well I am(not kidding) but your objective just sounds idiotic. And I’m not moralizing so I’m allowed to say that.

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I’m in favor of number 1. Let them figure things out for themselves.


I’m of the opinion to not mess with people religious or spiritual choices or even convince them to think differently about them, perhaps the exception might be weird cults and narcissistic guru’s or something.
All I generally do is share my point of view in the hope they listen and process that.