Synchronisation - Communicating with divine

I will :blush:

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If you have a specific question @Prophet, I can try to answer.

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Hi everyone,

A quick update. Due to changes in my life, much traveling in a new job and some personal stress, it’s sometimes hard to get enough energy to be here with you. I’m sorry for that.

But now I am here and I’m going to talk about synchronization and seeing feathers. We’ve discussed the white feather and lately I’ve been seeing the black and white feather.
Let’s say that everybody sees a feather somethimes. But in synchronization you see them at the strangest places and many, many times.

A black and white feather (feathers with a combination of black and white)

It can have two meanings:

  1. Changes in your life are coming soon or already happening. They are in your highest interest. Words with power are: healing, growth in spirituality.

Take my situation as an example. The situation is manageable but I need to change things. I want more freedom in my work, so I went on a trip and applied for a job. It went ok, but I still need to hear a yes.
Is that the change that is coming…

Then for the power words, I seem to get further in my ascension (spirituality) and I triggered some changes in my life (job).
Healing - could be part of healing addictive behavior.

  1. Balance in spirituality

Now this is an important one. Many of us lean in dark or in light, but it’s good to see both sides. Balance in light and in darkness. Stop duality, stop judging and end dogma.

In my case I was leaning to the light and I try now to work at both sides of this path. Light and dark and it’s really nice to see the best of both sides.


@princessofdarkness asked me some questions about the number 9. A long time and even now I see the number 919, but people see 909 too.

Let’s go:

Number 9 what does it mean:

Light working, Service to humanity, philanthropy and benevolence, duty and calling, leading by positive example, sensitivity, strength of character, non-conformity idealism, universal spiritual laws, endings, conclusions

0 Universal energies, beginning of spiritual journey and stand for potential or choice, developing spiritual aspects, eternity and infinity, oneness and wholeness, continuing cycles and flow and the beginning point

Number 909 what does it mean:

Even if a part of your life may have been altered, halted or changed things will ultimately will turned for the best. This is a blessing in disguise.

The Universe/Source fully supports your soul mission.

If you are a lightworker your responsibility is to empower, inspire and enlighten others. They are responsible for their own choice’s actions

Follow your gut instincts and listen to your intuition because it brings you inspiration and guidance vision and ideas, they (guides, Angels, Daemons) are leading you to your highest good.


Remember that not every property of a number has to fit you.
You always have to go to your thoughts, when seeing this numbers and to your own practice.

Let’s say you’re a witch and see 909. You could take the lightworker part away. On the other hand if you are a witch and you do services for others, then you enlighten others. And the meaning of the number is part of you.


So, we already have the meaning of 9 and 1.

Number 919 what does it mean:

A part of your life is ended and a new part is beginning. Take advantage of opportunities that come with it. People tend to stay in the secure environment they know, but this number tells us to break free from it and make use of opportunities that we see along our way.

Accept endings and new beginnings. Learn to adapt to new things. Keep a positive view of it.
Discover hidden potentials.

This number also tells us to avoid addictions.


I see 11 a lot, mostly as 9:11 or some other first number followed with 11 on it. This has been happening to me for years.

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Number 21??

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@JohnnyBoy, it means your spirituality goes to another level. Another level means ascending. Your awareness level will chance. You will see things differently or feel things differently. Awareness in spirituality is a good sign, think of opening senses more
You have it in you to help or inspire others. This can be in life but it could be in spirituality too. For example on this forum.

11 is a number of manifestation to. So concentrate on certain results you want to have.


@anon71944201 21, i see this number often. Try to keep balance in life to give changes a good start. Do this without to much echo and in postive manner and you will be guided in this change. Let me know if this changes to 1212 or 2121.


Dear guys and girls thanks for the questions. Have a lovely evening.


In dept on spiritual number 999:


Do you know what 1010 means? Is it basically like 1111?I’ve been seeing that. And I also saw it today when someone text me


1 is a new beginning and synchronicity with universe
0 is source/void
1010 means get to a new level of your spirituality. Spiritual growing. New beginning, Awakening, moving forward.



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You’re welcome!

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Is there any interpretation to 66 ? You’ve explained 6 and 666. Since 6 carries the message of balance between earthly and spiritual worlds, does 66 amplify the balance since there are two 6s next to each other or there’s a slightly different message behind this number? My daily life is reigned by 66 and number 6 alone for sure, it’s like l suddenly see 5 cars with the number plate 66 one by one, then the battery would be 66% and 6 missed phone calls. I get to see 666 too but defo not as often as 6 and 66.
I wonder if for example there’s a message from spirits in the numbers, let’s say lm thinking of approaching a spirits who’s tarot card has number 6 in it (6 of swords) and suddenly everywhere l go a see the number 6, does it mean that spirit is trying to communicate through that number ?

It’s funny how l never paid any attention to numbers and their meaning until l was literally surrounded by either 66 or number 6 alone.


Hey @Jo_Anna,

Well if you look at your specific situation. You are getting the number often. The the Spirits want you to focus on the energy of the number 6. The more you see the number the more it amplifies it’s power.

But this number is broader then balance in materialism and spirituality. Number 6 for example is a very humanitarian number. Connection with people. Responsibility towards others.

With the number 66 the universe can ask you not to worry about material things because it will be taking care of. It’s ok and it will be ok.
Besides the spiritual/material meaning this number looks at connections with people surrounding you too. Family relationships or even love. It will be ok and it will come at the right time.

So it depends on when you get this number, you need to look at your personal situation. When finance or material things aren’t that important, than look at the humanitarian aspect.

For me this number came when I didn’t saw my family for a while. It basically told me that you only live ones and it’s important to keep in contact with the people that your love and love you.

The most important thing is to stay positive. You have a good spiritual connection and it will be ok.


Thanks a lot @Borgy , that was a very detailed explanation and brought some light onto the situation. The thing is I’m not a very family oriented person and although I’ve not been home for a long time now, it’s not something l miss in particular. Perhaps the divine wants me to change my attitude though.
Thank you again for going into details on my question, you’re a star!

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I see synchronized numbers and all colors of feathers everyday all day long feathers atleast 3 times a week or sometimes not at all but numbers they dont stop