Synchronisation - Communicating with divine


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@Jizz, spirits have different ways of communicating. Indeed if they communicate in numbers and show feathers you mostly keep on seeing them and miss them when they are a while gone :slight_smile:

47 and 72?..also 23…also saw a, white feather after invoking lucifer

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Hey Borgy. I keep seeing the numbers 62 and 26 for the past months. Any idea what that could mean? 62 is more often seen tho.

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@Trishul66, The 4 and 7 are very positive. 7 is very spiritual (enlightment, awaking, psychic abilities). While the 4 tells us more about your drive, not giving up practical minded.

47 - basically gives you a big compliment about your progress towards ascension/spirituality. Know that you are supported.

Number 2 is balance and harmony, it will be alright.

72 - Says, you’re on the right way, it’s a good combination with 47. Do you support others in life, work or spirituality?

In combination with 2, the number 3 refers to the Ascended masters. Could be Lucifer, for others Jesus.

23 tells that you close to an Ascended masters and that they are here to help you when you need them.

I know the white feathers from Lucifer. Mostly they appear when I walk. Sometimes it’s crazy, every 2 meter I walk. Very nice :slight_smile:. And as the numbers told you, you have full support and you are protected.


Yes I’m supposed to be a, spiritual teacher in the future… Thanks, for the insights,and encouragement

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I see that back in the numbers. If you put in the right effort you will be supported in that. See the numbers as a trigger to be that teacher.

@johnbad, 6 - family connections, connections with others. Material/Spiritual balance.
2 - shows again that balance and harmony.

62 or 26 - can tell you, you don’t need to worry, your needs (material) will be met.
But it also tells you something about the people that are close to you. It tells you to have faith in humanity. In some cases your trust could be broken. But remember not every person is the same.

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Thank you. I keep seeing signs of new beginnings in my life. They are propably connected to this.

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For most of you who are practicing. There will be a lot of energy swifts this year. Mainly you let go of the old and come on a higher vibrational level. So @johnbad, if new beginnings are planned, this year changes are very high for it to happen. Keep positive, try not to focus on negative thoughts. I know from experience this can be hard, but if you know that something can change and if you look at it from a positive side, it helps.

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@Borgy I just saw 1717 twice just now. Does it mean anything?

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Well It’s basically that you have worked hard and new beginnings will open, new opportunities will arise. It’s a compliment for your work too @Excalibur. A combination of spiritual energies 7 and new beginnings/material 1. You are going the right direction.


Oh so kinda like 444 right? I see that and 555 I also so 777 on a license plate recently also

444 - Angels/Fallen Angels are with you, listen to your intuition, because it’s and they are guiding you.
And yes those numbers always come together. Like 000 for example (source/void).

777 is a blessing in disguise, doing a great job. It’s a spiritual number to follow that change and brings you to a higher spiritual level. You’re ready to learn to know your real self. Get on a higher level in what you practice.

This in combination with 555 means that a change is coming. 555 means a big change. You’re doing a great job.

One thing is that you’re really picking it up. Because you ask me the meaning, you want to know more, want to know the meaning. Doing research.

These are quite high numbers and I’m very curious of what you are doing because you are doing a great job! @Excalibur. Let me know!


Been a few months with similar random numbers for me, but, I was blowing them off until the past few weeks.

333, 444, 666, 888, 999, 1111, 1212, 1919, 3131, 5454, etc. Sometimes they stack like this for me ex:

July 4th between 3pm-6pm all 3 numbers. The eye was an arm tat that I couldn’t stop looking at. It was followed by 2121 on the register as I rang up the customer. 1616(5), 2121(6), 1414(1) = 561
And/or 32 (5), 42 (6), 28>10 (1) = 561 lol

Later on that night while locals were lighting fireworks, I cleaned the conveyor belt and these appeared when it dried, after more numbers I can’t remember. The moon thing is supposed to be all black. Same for the globs in 2nd pic bottom left.

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The numbers resonating even with 2121, so: @Donaldf973

Number 1212 meaning

Be careful in your thoughts, they manifest quickly. Stay positive.

Possibilities of abundance will come to you. Like I’ve explained in other threads, abundance comes in many forms. But remember you have to be part of it. Nothings changes if you don’t work. Step out of your comfort zone .

Create balance in life and get rid of negative feelings (fears), attractions in life (for example addiction). The universe doesn’t see the difference in negative and positive so it sends back what you send.

Stands for personal willpower and determination. The power to succeed lies within you.
And when you encounter setback, you are a person that over wins that and fights back.

1616 could also be a sign of a new person in your life. When you had negativity in relationship, give this a chance.

Both numbers have a relationship with material needs. If you stay positive and work for it, material needs will be met.

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Focus on the bigger vision in life. You can ignore the small things that are not important.
In this focus try to be positive. In your spiritual work try to be positive. It will get you on this higher vibrational level which helps you when you walk your path to communicate with spirits.

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Have a positive view when you needs are being fulfilled, material. This will keep that flow going.
Pass that on to others you care for in life.

2018 dark night of the soul process kicked in due to a weird situation in my marriage/family which caused a hardcore seperation and I’m out of it successfully thanks to some close friends and the spirits. Ironically, I learned my wife screwing me over triggered her karmic cycle to start hammering her causing her dark night also.

The irony🤗

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