Lucifer calling

We should take this to pm but it would be until ‘withdrawal’, remaining on a sexual analogy. I will feel a summons though, at any time, which is basically impossible to resist.

“the ability of opening so-called gates (also referred to as a Nexus) in which one can channel energies between the causal and acausal”

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Lucifer is the universe it’s self and Satan is but one aspect of Lucifer so you are a Luciferian Satanist. Satan represents the fire aspect, the passion, man’s carnal and primal animal nature, indulgences and sexuality, he represents conflict and the fight or flight aspect but is also protection and conquest unfettered natural emotion like anger rage and lust.


hi @Manosman,
im sorry for taking the liberty of sending u a message out of blue. I am in a desperate situation and would appreaciate ur help.
If possible can u PM me as i am new here and would really like to ask for ur help.

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That’s a terrific response and an answer that makes a lot of sense to me, thank you.

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Since it has been 9 days since someone last posted in this thread, and 9 is our number of special significance, an image that speaks to me very strongly of Lucifer:

Sculpture @ St. Paul’s cathedral in the Belgian city of Liege.


The funny thing is that they changed this statue. It was to beautiful and they punt chains on him. So that’s how you create dogma as a human being.

But the statue is as always beautiful.

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Now Lucifer has a light and a dark aspect. On the forum are incantation to summon light and to summon dark.

And yes, I think the darker aspect is Samael/Satan. See it as a mask.

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On this forum I’ve made a post about numbers. Lucifer for example uses a lot of numbers when you work with him. In most ways they resonate with the life of the magician. They tell you something. You could for example meditate when you see that number, or look back at what you thought at the moment when you saw it.

The meaning of 999
999 is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. The old chapter is getting closed and it’s time to explore a new fresh start/new beginning.
When you see this number take initiatives to make use of opportunities you see, don’t worry you will be guided. Your even asked to take the initiative with this number. So the point is here that you are the trigger to make changes happen in your life. But you are on a point that makes it easier to make this change.

It could be a change of job, house, city. Something in your spiritual life. A next phase. Something that helps you with ascending…

Last tip. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. About new things in life… You are being guided to the next level so enjoy your tour.


I say yes to Samael being a mask. I’ve experienced both energies though–Lucifer and Satan–and they are not only distinctly different but adversarial in nature.
Of course, there are many different views on the forum about this; however, my direct experience tells me they are separate and although I’ve worked with both of them, I could not work with them at the same time. I attempted this very recently and it’s a no-no! :laughing:


I say you’re right. I work with Samael and Lucifer at the moment. Lucifer asked for this because I need to learn certain aspects of Samael.

Wow. That’s spot on. Thank you very much :heart_eyes:

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I saw the number 6 with 99.

Number 6 mostly represents earthly needs and it is in perfect sync with 99. Don’t worry to much about material things in life, but take that chance and start that new chapter.

I’ve studied those numbers for my own spirituality and 999 brought me where I am now. And I still got a lot to do. But I’ve made that change and the meaning of it was really the way to go!

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They are opposite brothers

Both are gods of the triad of the elder gods

Hmm, I can’t speak to that but I was told just yesterday by Lucifer that it is >LESS PROBLEMATIC< to work only with him (rather than trying to also work with Satan).


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who’s communicating with you :slight_smile:

You mean me? Those numbers?
That was the Replies Views Activity count for this thread right after I made the previous post :dizzy:

yes I do :slight_smile:

Lucifer is the god of the spiritual regeneration

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