Symbols sigils for money quick

I’m looking for sigils or occult symbols regarding money doesn’t have to be a demons sigil but preferably

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This topic might be better off in the money section but here is one:

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The trouble with using other people’s sigils for money is that the money might go to them instead of you.

I always make my own.

Using the color of the currency where you are is a nice touch. Green is always a good default.

Symbolism…what has value to you? Personally, culturally, etc? Circles are always good for money, water and earth associations (material wealth, flow of money).


Isn’t sigil making suppose to be concrete science? Using cultural, personal favourite images, colours makes it more of an art? Doesn’t it? Don’t know , may be I am wrong!


Are there any resources/examples on how to do this?


No, not remotely concrete. The principles are similar in each method, but the execution is different. Chaos sigils are just a message to your subconscious, and there multiple ways you can deliver that message. Customization is actually encouraged, because it makes the sigil more relevant to you. Artistic expression is an amazing way to do chaos magick, especially when incorporating personal and cultural symbolism. Both types have a connection to whatever your subconscious is doing that makes chaos sigil magick work. There is nothing concrete about any of what we do, anyways, at least not in an objective sense. I have not heard one person here describe there methodology the way I do mine, but my shit is fire, lol.

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Sure. AO Spare is the best example of this, in his art. I would start with him, for books, especially The Book of Pleasure. Examining his art is a great practical example of chaos magick via pure symbolism and expression, with no sigils at all.

For videos, I can suggest a few.

If you are not aware of Billy Brujo, I really suggest his channel. This is a video of him,but not on his channel:

Asbjorn Torval has an interview on his channel with a guy who has a good approach:

And I would listen to Thomas Sheridan’s broadcasts. While he does not provide direct instruction, his work is a wealth of insight into various aspects of chaos magick. He delves deeply into symbolism and cultural/personal consciousness phenomenon. His Velocity of Now playlist is outstanding:


How would a Spare Method sigil get me money?
(I am thinking the Spare method because they seem easy to make, I think I may even be smart enough to make one for myself, Also I know how to jerk off, so I think I can do an AO Spare sigil)
If the sigil is talking to my sub concious, how does it bring me real world money, or a real world job, or real world wisdom, etc.

For instance, say I make a sigil to get muscular.
Would the sigil just make my sub conscious tell me I like to go to the gym and lift weights. So I would then do it more often.
would it get me to eat more proteins like meat and lift weights.
That makes sense to me. It tricks me into enjoying things that I really don’t like
getting money from nothing does not make any sense to me, not with a Spare sigil. Or would the sigil just tell me to enjoy working lots of over time at work, or to get a second job, etc.

I kind of get how a sigil to Nitika could get me money. Nitika is smart about money and would know how to put it into my hands, but I don’t think my sub conscious is smart about money.
am I missing the part where my subconscious is connected to and influencing the universe, and the universe is smart about getting money.

What can an AO Spare sigil get me?

I really want money but what I probably should sigil for is an ability to meditate and focus my attention. It seems to me that the ability to visualize and focus my attention would have far greater value in the long run. It looks like all magic is about focusing intent/desire and maybe making a decision to change the unwanted circsumstance.

Your subconscious is your connection to the universe, and it brings you money through whatever route is available, usually employment or finding random dollars on the street or in the pocket of a jacket you haven’t worn for two years.


I would differ in that a manifestation will occur in the field where you have allowed yourself the most options. For some, maybe that is finding $$$ in the streets, but for others it may be getting more hours at work or even finding work in the first place. I just spoke to a chap that had a real deal truck driving job as a manifestation, and in a part of the world where a job manifesting was the less likely of outcomes.

I mean this purely in the kindest spirit: go make some of those sigils and let me know. Taking action will almost always produce 10x the results of conjecture. So take action. In regards to A.O. Spare-type sigils, I will say that the way you charge them is at least as important as all the other technical B.S. combined.

I am liking ice cold water and grease pencils in my shower lately. Let me know how that works for you.

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So I created an intent statement. I removed the vowels (I left one Y because it was not being used as a vowel in the word it was used in - happily)
Than I removed all the extra letters - so I kept the S from one of the words and deleted all the Ss in the rest of the word.
That left me with 15 letters. (I had a big, but not complex, intention statement)

I then drew a horrible looking sigil - it was really bad.
So I did a Googe query and found this:

It made me a sigil that looks first rate - it doesn’t really look “magickal” but it definately at least looks like Runes - anyway, it was way better than mine.

Is it Ok to use this sigil, or do I need to make my own, even if it is ugly?

A few things that came up:
When I distilled my statement down to 15 letters the online sigil maker gave me one sigil.
When I put in the full statement, the online sigil maker created a different looking sigil.
Now it is possible this is because I kept the Y
but I am wondering what is going on here
It converted my distilled numbers into numbers. It did the same with my full statement.
Does converting letters to numbers ruin anything in the AO Spare method.

That program is online and is free to use, has anyone used it or is anyone willing to check it out and let me know.

So far I feel pretty good about my magick, I do what the spell says, when it says to do it, etc. So I am confident, pretty much, it will work. I don’t want to start messing things up by cheese whizzing my sigils.

THank you for considering this question.

The only aesthetics that matter when it comes to Spare-style sigils, is what works for you. They work with your subconscious mind, so it could be the ugliest thing in existence to others but extremely powerful to you.

It doesn’t matter if you make the sigil by drawing it out, or use a random sigil generator like the one you linked. All that matter is it appeals to your mind. It is completely personal.


It doesn’t matter about the Y either?
Also, I just created another intent statement, to help me forget the first one.

Anyway, I tried it my way, no dup letters, no vowells.
than I tried it on the statement creator and theirs did not remove all the vowells.

I think I am going to need to go with my own shitty sigil because I can’t be sure what these other folks are up to.

Like I said, I am feeling confident about my magic, mostly because I followed your advice and stuck to the recipe, Anyway, thanks DarkestKnight and I will make my own sigil.

besides, shouldn’t all the prep work into the magick be part of the intent, I mean it just seems that the effort to do it the right way would count towards “good karma” or something. It seems to me that I am starting the spell when I first decide something is f*ed up and I want to change it. It is like foreplay in sex

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Ahh my friend, you really don’t need to worry so much about doing it “right”, I find the more relaxed you are the higher chance of the magick working, but that comes from doing more magick. I have made sigils where I didn’t remove repeating letters, I have made sigils where I didn’t even write an intent I just felt like I got my desire, repeating a sentence that implied I got what I desired while scribbling some random lines on a piece of paper, then redrew those lines into something that looked nice to me, and the magick worked! These days I mostly use the AO Spare method, and I just draw all the letters then put all kinds of aesthetics on the lines and add extra lines until I like the sigil, so don’t worry too much about it looking like the original image eventually, some say the final image shouldn’t even be recognizable to the original, so just do whatever you like and trust that it works and it probably will :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the advice Dankquanicus. I have read that in a book I am reading by Damon Brand.’

Anyway, before I read your post I found this:

It has several modes a person can use. I just used it to create letters and than moved the letters around until I found something halfway aesthetically pleasing.
At first I thought it was broken, I did not know you had to grab the handles on the letter to move them.

Ah that’s probably his book Adventures In Sex Magick? That method is also in Adam Blackthorne’s (Another member of the GOM and Damon’s long-time friend) Masterworks of Chaos Magick.

I have seen that site before, never used it myself however. Although I would suggest that you should still continue to create your own sigils, then take note of the results then you can see which method works better for you.

I am worried about charging the sigils, or maybe it is relesing them. So I have made the sigils. I have put them aside so I can kind of forget them now.

So now I am looking at charging them and there is something else I have to do before I destroy them.
Activate, is that the word.

So I was thinking I could just stare at it for awhile and then masturbate but then I read this on a pdf I found online. It is from Frater UD
he says this
Experiment at least half a dozen times with sigils that you scratch into candles
and charge by letting the candle burn down.

I really like that idea, getting a shit ton of different magicks going on but my sigils are total junk, there is no way I could carve a sigil into a candle and let it burn down.

What do you guys think.
I can’t mediate well enough to reach gnosis, is jerking off my best bet for a good sigil activation. I am not a half bad visualizer. I can imagine touch, taste, smell, etc and I know how to feel when I imagine.

What is my best bet for a successful launch?


Yes I always orgasm as it’s easiest. The key is to feel an emotion (love is a pretty easy one in this situation) right before you orgasm and them let the orgasm enhance that emotion, all while looking at the sigil. You don’t have to intensely focus on the sigil, just lightly gaze at it, you don’t even need to focus on it. And don’t worry if your orgasm wasn’t strong enough or if you didn’t feel the emotion strong enough, just forget about the sigil when you’re done and trust that it will work. I’d also recommend just activating one sigil at a time, to give it more power.

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Agreed, one at a time is my plan for now and the near future. Why dilute the Magick.

Is there a difference between consecrating the sigil, activating the sigil, and discharging the sigil.

So, in practical terms. Do I need to stare at my sigil, and concentrate/visualize/emotionally put the energy of what the sigil means is for into the sigil. Then after I think that is good, than I orgasm while looking at it.
(can I watch some porn or something, than look at the sigil when I am ready to orgasm)

So I used that online sigil creator to get a little better looking sigil, that means I should also trace it. So can I put energy/meaning into it while tracing. Tnen orgasm.
Next I either destroy or keep the sigil.
What do you do, keep it like an amulet or talisman (whichever one attracts) or burn, throw in the river, or another acceptable destruction method.
I read how one guy tore and flushed them down the toiler. If this is about symbolism, flushing your dreams seems a little crazy but who knows.

All you need to do is embed the sigil into your subconscious mind. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. It is very simple, but you are overthinking it, and complicating the simplicity.

Step: Create sigil (you’ve done this).

Step 2: Attain vacuity of mind (this can be done by meditation, orgasm, exhaustion, whirling, sleep deprivation, etc)

Step 3: Absorb the sigil into the subconscious (this can be accomplished by something as simple as visualising it shoot off into the universe)

Step 4: Slam the door on the subconscious by forcibly turning your attention to something else.