Abundance Sigil


(Moderator note 2019: image was lost, so this is a lower-res version I found in google’s cache)

I scryed this from my work on my Jupiter altar this morning, as always Jupiter loves to have his name dropped and attention and expansion brought to his presence so I decided to share it with all. I scryed this while asking Jupiter to provide me with a symbol of overall abundance. This is not just a seal of money but to bring the energies of Jupiter into alignment with your life.

Feel free to use it in your own work and share results if any. I will post my own as I plan to use this sigil in some work this weekend.



You rock TWF.

Seems the i can’t draw it correctly.It looks like 3d to me and i totaly suck on drawing.Can you post a hand made version of yours so i can view it the right way?
Silly question but for some reason i can’t replicate it.

That is hand drawn dron…see what I did there. Just a gold sharpie. Print the image and go over it in your own hand, I’m not around anything to draw with at the moment.

i’m stuck.Can’t do it.iT’s frustrating

Want me to do it? I mean I can just make a flat black or gold one and then post it for you

Which colors do you want?


Thanks ‘‘nue’’.Now i can see it better.The problem with me was in the lower left side of the sigil.It was like the lines were curling 3d or something.

I have problems with calligraphic sigils because i can’t duplicate them exactly as they are.

Now i’ll wait for the day and hour of Jupiter to activate this beauty.I’m looking forward with eager

You’re welcome ^^

(Image updated by moderator 2019 as above)

Abundance sigil in action:
1 blue candle
4 white tealights
4 purple candles
Jupiter oil

Dress all candles in Jupiter oil and place upon your work space.

Mighty Jupiter, king of the gods we call upon your influence and power. Open opportunities in our life, give us expansion in our life where none was before. Bring prosperity and abundance, by the light of the flame my path illuminated and by your seal let the prosperity flow. May my Abundance be yours and let my success be in honor to you.

This can be done any day in the hour of Jupiter as it includes the aspect of all the planets on Jupiter. I chose Saturday for increased longevity and staying power.


How can i find the hour of Jupiter?

Ask google.

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I opened this sigil at the day and hour of jupiter,combined with the call of jupiter from ‘‘advanced planetary magic’’.
After three days i found a sky blue adidas wallet with 1 euro inside it and a telephone number.(lol)
Maybe a sign, maybe not

Twf, nue, thank you.

Sorry : how do you make Jupiter oil ?

I love this setup. You’ve basically got a giant battery/portal pouring these energies into your life all the time. This seems a lot more practical than an all-purpose altar that you’re taking apart and putting back together constantly.

I don’t know whether this helps you or not, but last week I was getting to know Ophiel and he told me that Mercury is the guardian of Jupiter. The forces of Jupiter have to be apportioned, directed, and channeled quickly to a specific, discrete location and time. If you didn’t have that safety mechanism, everything would just swell forever into a great big mess. So you might want to try experimenting with a setup where you’re channeling Jupiter through Mercury for a specific task or goal.

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TWF and I were just talking about this very thing today over Facebook. The uses of Jupiter and Mercury combined. The expansion and the channel through which it flows. (And Mars combined to provide extra force…have to be careful with that one though.)

Trippy to read that here now :slight_smile:

Hey! You know this shit’s real, right?

Yup, and I still get blown away by it.

You’re at 1666 posts Orismen. It’s been amazing reading you here, but I think you know what to do with this.