Symbol Identifiy? any advice in posative intent welcome

So Curiosity sake’s I decided to pop back, I have identifyed the left well enough, as a throne seal & Key well enough & obviously sigil of Lucifer but the rest please if anyone has insite’s would be greatly appreciated.

Also as a side note the pentagram inverted is also not part of this, Simply sigil.

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The one on the top right is the great circle of summoning.
Not sure about the top one.

On the right you have the three sigils of Lucifer

On the left you have the throne seal and angle key of Satan as seen in The Book of Sitra Achra (current 218)

At the top you have the black sun overlayed over yet another sigil.
I notice that the file name is “Thaumiel” which is probably what the seal at the top is…

Sure enough that looks like a match.

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Nice that there are more members of Balg who have such high knowledge!!! Awesome!

It is, I was begining to feel like I was bashing my head on a wall for a while even here.

I have had the throne seal & key tattoo since I began my journey in trust to satan, & these bit’s of information will only guide me to higher knowledge after a deeper dive know they have been identifyed.

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You may find this interesting then, it has all the call formulas but dressed up with a lot of other incantations and invokes various other spirits.

I had some pretty vivid and intense experiences myself with some of these.

You could print out the last image (the tree of death/qliphoth) in my previous post as a focal point as you use these rites. It has all the seals of each qlipha right there. (Many mistakenly attribute the bottom seal as being for Naamah, but it’s actually for the qlipha nahemoth)