Survey: Your Altars?

What direction is facing your altar and why

I don’t have one. Not enough room at my place.


Which one? :smiling_imp:

North for my gods and ancestors, West for Goddess Hathor, South-West for Damballah…


None yet…

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Where it sits right now is facing West, but it does really matter because of the design of it and some other factors.

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Right now my altar is sitting in a chest :grinning:

South west would be my earth shrine/altar.

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North, East, and West. I have 4 altars right now.

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Currently South, previously West and North. I follow the directions in Works of Darkness where it’s recommended that it should be placesd in the south or west, if I remember correctly. South is related to the element of fire which according to me is an element that relates to transformation, transcendence and destruction and if I remember correctly in most western traditions when it comes to black magick you place your black magic altar in the west or south. As it will be easier to manifest “darker forces” - not sure that’s really the case though, I’ll have to look into this and gather more data and post about some other time.

I would like to add although this is just a thing I’ve felt, not evidence at all for this claim, but south according to me has a very a special feel to it, it amplifies energy in general, especially those pertaining to either the infernal, the fire element or for baneful workings in general.

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an approximately southward direction due to it being set up on a desk which also faces southish, and doesnt leave me much in the way of options for a differing placement.

Plan to try for a portable wood plank alter like recommended in Koettings work though. but after a few more paychecks.