Sure,becoming a living god,but what then?

this is a bit of a philosophical perplexment that’s always bugged me. I like to operate on an ideal that a journey and a goal are slowly self-correcting time loops. like, genuine intent and the actuation of a plan to lock in that intent breaks the predestination, creating a time loop that keeps repeating itself until it runs out, leaving you with your goal in your hands, back at square one, or in a million pieces

so, what should you do when you achieve godhood? and yes I’m cognizant of the fact that this sort of work may entail choosing perchance better circumstances in the next life.

but in since to me a goal and a journey are the same qbit all wrapped in one nice little package, there has to be a reason to do the thing in the first place.

or perhaps put like this:

" it was said once "before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. but why? for better peace of mind? peace of spirit? people born to decent stations in life, like more middle-classed, privileged families, often by comparison with the poorest, in essence, have both, most of the time without even knowing what actual enlightenment is. so clearly peace of mind and/or peace of spirit are secondary effects of enlightenment and not the primary effect. indeed not even the primary goal. call it intuition, but I have this gut feeling that “enlightenment” once you get past the veil, is not what people understand from hearing the phrase, that enlightenment is about doing something you are not supposed to be able to do normally, otherwise everyone there cat and dog would be enlightened as a matter of course. "

no, you don’t need to become a god to do things that don’t need the power of a god

as if it wasn’t obvious by now, I’m also curious as to what the goal/journey intent of others is?

for me? the motivation is revenge, and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge at any cost very nearly.

what will I do when I gain that power? if I do? go find the deity responsible for several rather tortuous events in my life

and then what will transpire next naturally follows from a googling of the phrase “do you like Huey Lewis and the news?”


I just vibe and practice my arts.

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The mythological/religious view is that humanity (or, sure, also animals etc.) “fell”, so Ascent (transformation into a magician and/or spiritual growth) indeed became unnatural.
It’s not necessarily a one and done path, but it may be an infinite or restartable process. Some possible goals are to master life or anyway to do so better, being sure to survive the body since some schools of thought doubt the existence of an immortal soul…

Theoretically speaking become hod to dethrone god to create new universe full of beings and things that spring from you the “god” that will in turn become god dethrone you create a new universe of beings and things that spring from it that will dethrone it as infinitude except that it is also you the god.

Complicated and confusing? You better believe it.

Of course that’s only applies if there is a god to dethrone and you become a god. If you don’t you still are caught in the cycle of universe end universe recreate universe except if you don’t become god none of it is your creation.

And… I’m lost as to where to go from there. If anyone else has ideas where it goes from there then you’re a better man then me gunga din cuz I lost my train of thought at none of it is your creation. So if you followed me and all that, then please finish it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep learning. There is always more to know.

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yes peace. now,getting back on topic

i often wonder about reincarnation. it seems to be incredibly random,either that or its more choice based and my infinitly higher self is a complete idiot,i mean,if karma is spent like a currency on a new life,who would be dumb enough to spent likely alot of karma on a likely unpleasent human life just for afew fleetingly enjoyable human moments,whereas a cat or a bird might have a far better and more pleasent life. hell,some species of turtle can live far longer than a human

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