Suprised by how ASMODAI and SITRI works

A week ago, I made a petition to ASMODAI to teach me about skills in dating and intimacy, and another petition to SITRI to give me a powerful lustrous aura.

I had a few heads turned and all, but that wasn’t the coolest part. When I called ASMODAI and SITRI (separately), both times my feelings shifted from desire (almost desperation) to calm and relax. At first, I thought they were telling me “just chill bro, you are trying too hard”.

ASMODAI gave me intuitions about the my dating life situation. It seemed that my desire was borne out of pain from the break up with my very first girlfriend. The adversity I went through significantly shifted my energy signature.

I was shown the current energies I’m emitting towards women; anger, resentment, helplessness, jealousy, abandonment and insecurity. Even though they were subtle enough, I was still able to attract some women but I still felt like something was wrong.

The mojo I once felt was gone since the breakup. The desire I petitioned was just so I don’t feel the repressed emotions.

With the help of HAAGENTI, I was able to conjured up all the repressed emotions and released them for good. ASMODAI’s guidance blew my mind. The real change happened.

SITRI though, straight up showed me that I didn’t have the vitality or sexual energy to work with the second I called him.

I shall call them again with this new acquired energy signature if I decided I still want the same wishes fulfilled after a period of contemplation.

Anyone got similar experiences working with these spirits?


Hi, so you made a petition to them and you also performed evocation?


Amazing advice, Ive never thought of this, even though we know our energies are picked up by others, as well as if the emotions are more than subtle.
Like sharks smelling blood miles away.


No, not yet. I’m not sure if I’m ready or need to hear or see a demon.

Though I use the evocation keys, they are merely to feel their presence strictly during the ritual.

Have you done any evocation?

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Yes, plus it feels like you’re using the wrong tools for the job. The emotion of resentment is not really ideal to build trust for example. Not a sharp example, but I hope you get the gist.

Evocation keys? did you use Winterfield’s book, DOM?

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Did you use DOM ritual 1 the petition in Hebrew or the normal petation which is available on BALG

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Yes, ritual one matey.

In Hebrew my friend.

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Absolutely, thank you.

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I’ve worked with ASMODAI and SITRI using the same book, for lustful pimping aura as well as something from asmodai. I can say that how you view yourself when it comes to dating is extremely important, if you want the swagger and bravado you’re going to do a lot of self improvement. You develop the chip on your shoulder through hard work and dedication girls get wet for the guys who dont give a fuck and are confident in themselves. The only way to be genuinely confident is by doing something significant in the world. You cant expect the attention a hero gets if you have yet to go through a trial.

Here’s some more game, a girl that you like is expensive, but a girl that likes you will always go your way. Only deal with women who choose you, deal with women from a position of power by letting them choose you. “There’s no such thing as an ugly billionaire, I’m cute.”- JayZ

Ultimately the sexiest man is a famous, rich dude, with a 6 pack. If youre not that do your best to become that.
This guy has a 6 pack and is pretty well of financially, he also has status thanks to his youtube channel (lot of IG followers).

If I were you Id focus on my money, get in the gym, eat right, and learn a skill.

Here’s another good video. IF youd like more game DM me.


Thank you for the insightful tips, my good friend. I took some time to respond because I wanted a find a way to explain my actual purpose with these rituals and not discount your knowledge.

I was deeply in the pua and red pills for a long time. I religiously do self-improvement, but found out later that half of it was so that I stop feeling emotions of low self esteem and bad self image arise from childhood programming.

I just wanted to be free, self-assured and truly not give a fuck as you mentioned above. There was a few interconnected resistant energies in me that was resisting the transformation to become who I truly am in my soul.

But, now I am at peace to pursue my true visions and be authentic.


Ultimately when you train/self improve you are practicing alchemy, transforming less than perfect closer to perfect (the ideal view you hold). We are constantly pursuing the ideal, there is nothing wrong with this as long as you act as if you are already perfect this is the key, in reality you may not be the most attractive or charming guy but if you act like it and dont give a fuck women will be attracted to you.

"U look good u feel good,u feel good u play good,u play good they pay good,they pay good u live good,u live good u thank God 4 it all! "

This guy is the best in terms of men’s coach, trust. Here’s his two channels:

He has good playlist, I especially like his pimp perspectives:

You probably already know this but never take dating advice form women, you ask a fisherman how to catch fish not another fish.
If you are a young male like me just remember that your value grows exponentially with your finances and wisdom. Beauty is a depreciating asset, dont be tricking off of a depreciating asset. Dont you know she wakes up, puts on makeup and wishes she could be someone else.
YOU are the prize bro, you are the prize. Operate from that perspective at all times, set yourself up financially in a leadership position.

Both my step father and father have been in sales, they said sales more than anything changed their finances and dating experience. They said the confidence and mouthpiece you develop is unmatched.

Make sure you reply to my comment to tag me like this @Apex_Alchemist so I can see it in my notifications.


So if I sad you should never speak ill of women when dating women, you will ignore my advice?

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Yes assuming you are a women, pimps speak on female nature all the time and are chosen on.

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OP here are the two playlist I was talking about, I’ve been working with Lucifer, Belial, and Lilith on females attraction, its a long process but its well worth it. Now im working on my personality, stay in the gym, and getting to my money. Working with angels for grander goals that will indirectly affect attraction.

This playlist is the most important and in depth, they are longer videos cuss he is going deep into but they are well worth it.


@Titan.M I’ll keep Lucifer and Lilith in mind for future reference if I shall require their assistance. As for all the cool videos you shared, I am aware of all of those, regardless I still appreciate them.

I’ve been fortunate enough to discover many paradigms of attraction from “The Game” by Neil Strauss all the way to “Way of the superior man” by David Deida with “Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi and “The Alabaster Girl” by Zan Perrion in between. My only issue was the inner resistance.

But with occult assistance, I am free from that inner resistance now. It’s almost mind blowing to see how easy it is now. It’s like turning of a signal jammer where they was no connection before, now I’m receiving so many calls. Asmodai, Sitri, Zepar and Gremori showed me where to focus.


I understand why you don’t have any luck with women.

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Ive done evocation. It is all about the lights, smoke and the flashing sigil. If you mean if I have done it according to grades and rules, no.

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That’s interesting. So you saw lights, smokes and sigils flashing? That’s cool. Do you hear voices and stuff?

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