Supply drop


So this is one i have used in various forms for when I’m not sure what all I’ll need but i know i may need ritual supplies in the future. With it i have found stuff i end up using at some point for rituals either just falls in my lap one way or another or just enough cash for the supplies i need for a ritual i am planning will just pop up without me having to budget for it.

Your gonna need a orange pillar candle, something to carve a sigil into the wax.
If you wanna include planetary times you’ll wanna do it on the day of mercury hour of mercury. If your new to planetary times, look them up as they need to be calculated.

Do your preparation rituals, if you use a circle casting method do it here, then you are gonna write out your statement of intent on paper and sigilize it on a separate sheet in ritual using your prefered method.

Then you are gonna evoke the energy of the planet mercury into the candle in your prefered method. One way to do this is with the invocation of the hexagram ritual another is with planetary sqaures. These can be found with searches. Next you are going to carve your sigil into the candle then place the candle on a fire safe dish or container and place the paper with the statement of intent under the candle.

Then your going to light the candle and focus on the flame while envisioning your ritual space furnished and equipped with everything you need and hold this for at least 10 minutes, if you can 30 would be better. If you feel it will help you focus you can chant your statement of intent as a mantra. After this close the ritual in your preferred method and let the candle burn down and your done. Write it up in your notes and make a note to come back to in sometime between 3 to 6 months to verify results.

Can be done every 6 months or at most every 3 if you are not prone to dwelling on rituals if you are every 6 would likely be better for you as you still need to forget about the ritual to detach from it.

That’s it end of ritual go do something else and let this do its work. :alien:


Bumping. Been seeing alot of resource based posts :snake:

could you explain how some one could evoke the energy from mecury in the candle by the use of a invocation of the hexagram or a planetary square?

also why you use mecury as a planet? because jupiter is related with wealth

Trace the invocation in the air facing the candle should work!

For me i would just carve the symbol on the candle! But if you wanna use the square, write it on a paper and activate it then put the candle on it :woman_shrugging: you could chant “Mercury’s energy assist me now”

Mercury is the magician! It can teach you magick so its fitting that it knows what tools you will need for magick :woman_shrugging:

thank you very much for your time and energy to answering my question.

could i place two candles one organe for mercury at thurday at the hour of mercury and a blue candle at wensday at the hour of jupiter for jupiter? or do i must wait until the result from first candle manifest? because i read that with petition magick you can not make more than one petition at the time.

also the first image is not showing.

Yes you can! Just be careful not to lust for results!
You can also put them together as in both jupiter and mercury on the day of mercury but the hour of jupiter! Thats how you can work 2 planets on one spell!
Am not sure what planetary energies shouldn’t mix :thinking: but I guess you shouldn’t mix the sun and the moon?
I have used jupiter and mercury in one spell so I guess your fine here!


last questions tho…my dear friend
can i place both mecury squares on a orange candle and do a invocation hexagram with my fingers or magical dagger? or is that overkill and be counteracting.

with a pentagram banishing image, i also saw active spirit and passive spirit.
i know you must trace the pentagram a specific way to move engery, and that put your hands through the pentagram to activate the pentagram. but what must i do with active and passive spitit.

also could i buy a comando knife and use that as a magical dagger? or must it be a special magical dagger for a special price?

and do i need to buy “special” candles at a occult shop or can i just go to any random store and buy random candles for a random price?


Am guessing it works! Idk really just go with your feelings! Don’t over think the details and don’t try to micromanage the ritual! Feel it out and see what it wants to be!

Vibrate ARARITA for all :woman_shrugging: that’s what I found out! I just trace it from 1 to 2 with the intent of the planet energy…

All works! You are nitpicking… don’t stress over tools! Any candle still a candle! And even using your fingers is just as effective as any knife for tracing the air!

Mercury is related to magick as stated but it is also related to commerce, business and transportation. As such for acquiring materials for various situations it aligns better with getting supplies than jupiter which is good for expansion of things such as wealth or venus for the production of new income sources.