Does anybody know of any good websites for picking up quality ritual supplies like incense burners, books, and other tools?

Make your own ritual tools. A simple black bowl filled with sand works perfectly for an incense burner if you are going with the coal and resin method, you can get a combat knife for a ritual dagger of you want to be bad ass, make your own ritual robe, etc… as for books there are few I recommend an those are initiation into the vampyric arts, anything by koetting, books by Seth, hexragradior (probably misspelled), summoning spirits by konstantinos, black ship by malphas, and a few others. Now if you are looking to get some intense evocations going the absolute best thongs you can do with your cash is to buy a cursed blade and demonic circle of pacts from dante abiel, though both of those items together would cost you $700. The circle is 450, and the blade is 250

Thanks big time for the list of books and the tips for quick and easy ways to just use what i have on hand. I will definitely be looking into getting those ASAP. Its good to talk to someone with knowledge as to which books are worth looking into. There is so much crap out there it gets hard to tell the good from the absolute shit.

So question… I’ve never really worked with incense resin before. So do i light some charcoal and sprikle the resin over it? And using just a bowl with sand allows it to burn just as well as with an incense burner? Sorry if Im asking stupid questions but I do appreciate the help.

As far as Dante I found his website from someones post the other day. Pretty cool becuase he has some books uploaded that Ive been interested in checking out. So all of his ritual tools are legit? Have you seen the demonic circle of pacts that he and EA worked with. Just the look of it makes me think “power.” Although i would hope so at a price tag of $4,000. haha

Yea that circle he and Eric used would most likely fuck up your life.put the charcoal over the sand and put the resin on top of the charcoal, the sand absorbs the heat so you don’t set your house on fire. You can use Copal resin, dragons blood, and human hair, those will pretty much get you through evoking any entity. Demons work well with human hair, retztael work well with dragons blood, and any entity will usually manifest in Copal. Resin is preferred because if the large amount of smoke compared to stick incense. I buy all my tools from him and anytime I want something done I always call him first, he does good work

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Yeah Im sure that circle is full of a lot of residual energy and for lack of a better term cursed. I imagine anybody wlling to shell out the money for it has some sort of idea how to harness that energy.

Speaking of expensive do you have any idea how much the EA tome is going to be? God I want to get it so bad but have a feeling its going to be well out of my price range.

So not to keep bombarding you with questions but you seem to have great info for inexpensive ways to get ritual tools. So what did you make your ritual circle and evocation triangle out of? And are there certain markings that should be placed on either of them?

Speaking of expensive do you have any idea how much the EA tome is going to be? God I want to get it so bad but have a feeling its going to be well out of my price range.
It's available for an extremely limited time, right here:

I literally only have a few books left. We are almost completely sold out forever. So act immediately.

HOLY or unholy as it were SHIT! Thats way cheaper than I was expecting. but I dont get paid till next friday… Anybody know a good spell that will bring me $400 asap?

Or any chance holding one for me till next friday? DAMN I want it so bad!!

The circle was made by dante abiel, the evocation triangle can be made from pretty much anything as long as it is 3’x3’x3’. I made a nice wood one recently and painted it black, then drew out the outer barrier and inner circle then filled them in with red paint. You will need to consecrate it as a triangle of the arts and charge it after you make it. Putting some of your blood on it from your left hand helps

What material does Dante use to make the circle? Something you can take out to the woods?

Yup, you can take it pretty much anywhere. I like to lay a small tarp under it though if I am in the woods

hey necro, would you please post a pic of your wooden triangle?

Too hard to post pics with this kindle. Make one from cardboard, seems like it would be easier

Just think about it, guys. Cut out a square of wood or cardboard, paint your triangle on it. Pretty simple. If you want to be elaborate, you could paint the board a base color (black) first, let it dry, then paint your triangle on it.

  1. Cheap plywood
  2. Spraypaint
  3. Masking tape
  4. Cardboard
  5. X-acto knife
  6. String
  7. Pencil
  8. nail

You can just make a compass out of some string, a pencil, and a small nail. Then draw an equilateral triangle and cut it out. Spraypaint it black. Then use the cardboard to make stencils, etc.

All good ideas for the triangle but in the end it could be made out of paper as long as the intention is there right? All the other stuff just helps to ge in the right mindset yeah?

Whilst it could be made of paper if you are planning on performing more than one evocation you are gonna find it is going to get pretty ratty pretty fast. Not to mention the risk of it bursting into flames from transferred heat from your hot coal filled censor (depending of course on how you have set it up)

Hahaha, Soundwave! After reading that I had the most comical image in my head of an evocation gone bad.

Well, if you’re going to the trouble to make it, you shouldn’t make your triangle out of paper. First of all, that’s a pretty big piece of paper - or a bunch of little pieces. Second, the triangle is going to have a burning brazier sitting on it. Third, paper will get beat up really fast, you want something a little more durable.

That’s why necromaster suggested cardboard - quick and cheap, but gets the job done. Yea, you can cut corners if you want to, but it is still worth doing things properly even if cheaply.

You could use very very simple and cheap tools for everything if your intent is right. But the more effort you invest in your magickal tools, the better they will work for you - it’ll be much easier for you to get into ritual mindset. This effort could come from serious magickal effort, through physical crafting, or both. They’re your tools, so do whatever you want with them.

You also want to get yourself a box that you can keep all this stuff in, so it isn’t just out there for the world to see. These are your magickal implements, you don’t want people fucking with them. You can also make this box elaborate, lining it with padding & nice cloth, etc. A box can help you treat your tools more reverently, which adds to their power.

These are the instructions I used when building my Triangle of manifestation.

MDF board (bunnings) ~$4
White acrylic paint (craft store) ~5
Chalkboard paint (craft store) ~15
Cork por pad (ikea) ~$6 for three
Liquid nails ~$2 (bunnings)
Total cost ~$35, 2 hours labor

Painted cork and MDF with chalkboard paint
Used high school trig to calculate triangle and circle dimensions and positions it in center of MDF, painted with white acrylic
Cork liquid nailed into center of circle.

The premise of this is firstly durability, treated well this triangle may never need replacing. Secondly the cork pot pad totally disappates heat removing any fire danger. I can use it safely in doors on carpet or outdoors. Finally as the background is painted in chalkboard paint I can customise the design extremely easily for every evocation that I do.

Considering you are probably going to end up doing evocation fairly regularly once you get into the flow of it, I think $35 is a pretty modest price and should be well within the abilities of anyone to manifest even using basic techniques.

Nope, you will end up wanting to take it into the woods later on. Can’t do that with paper