Yeah I know you guys are right as far as the effort spent on making it as well as durability and mindset. I meant that in a pinch when say for whatever reason you dont have access to your tools, you could make it out of whatever as long as youre intention is in the right place. I know i had to use a piece of cardboard the other day because I really wanted to get started trying out evocation and I didnt have the money nor the tools to really make something nice like the wooden one you guys are talking about. Maybe i should have waited till I could make something nicer but Im kinda glad I just said fuck it and performed the ritual anyway cause i learned a lot on how better to do it next time. I definitely intend to make another one come payday and you guys gave me some great information on how to better fashion my tools.

hey any chance any of you guys would be willing to post a pic of your triangle or circle to help give me ideas? would appreciate it

You’re definitely right, you can use whatever to get started - getting started is better than everything being “perfect”. necromaster suggested cardboard for this very reason. I think in his case, he probably needs them to be disposable for various reasons anyway, heh.

Plenty of magicians redraw their circle and triangle every time - they’ll use flour, chalk, or salt, and just draw them right on the ground. Others will use paint on fabric.

As far as looking at other people’s circles, use the search function on the forum. There’s a whole thread called “share your circle of pacts”, and lots of folks have shared on other threads as well.

When you get advanced you can simply visualize the triangle. I bought a.sheet of half inch luan which comes in a 4x8 sheet. Really nice stuff for making ritual tools considering how well it holds stain and polyurethane, will last a while. Should cost around 33 dollars a sheet