Supernatural Activity on Camera?

Just a normal meditative walk through the cemetary when my associate snapped this picture of me. I have the same name as the one you see…it was interesting…:relieved:

I don’t sense anything paranormal in this photo. Is it possible he or she just had a shaky hand? :slight_smile:

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The text and mortar lines would be blurry if the camera was moving, but I agree with you and just think OP was moving at the time.

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The odd part was that I came across this memorial by circumstance and didn’t notice it was my name until I walked by the second time. Idk perhaps…I googled the person we are nothing alike. Lol

Again the text and mortse would be shaky but it isnt…

Well, you didn’t need to… your freind seems to have noticed for you. They took the photo quickly which is why you weren’t still and posing for it. That’s my take.

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