Summoning Vapula to help with Intermediate Algebra

Hello everyone I’m very new to summoning demons from the Goetia. However I did read up on every single demon with in the Lesser Key of Solomon. I found that the 60th spirit Vapula is perfect for helping me with my studies.

I’m struggling in Intermediate algebra in college due to a horrible math professor. Sure he is a great guy but he is bad at teaching. The tutors I’ve received help from just give me the answers but I want to learn how to do the problems haha. I want to pass the class to focus on more important matters.

I am aware that you need the sigil, sandalwood incense, green candles, and she is to be summoned at night on a Friday.

My question is there any special chants to summon her? Or can you just contact her through her sigil? If successful what do I need to offer her to show my gratitude?


Just need sigil and then call her name

Perfect, Thank you!

First off, I appreciate the fact that you are reading up on her (experienced Vapula as a “her”) and studying her correspondences, likes, etc. Nice start so far, OP! I have not fully evoked her but she let her presence be felt a few times when I initially considered her help with my own past studies. Like the previous reply said, meditating on her sigil + enn does just fine, no special chants or anything.

You may also try drawing her sigil repeatedly, especially before/during/after classes and study sessions. I’ve noticed during the times I did these, I felt her presence more and the material I’m studying would seem easier to understand bit by bit. There was a time I drew a (crappy, unfortunately) sigil of hers at the back of my mock exams paper and despite guessing almost all the answers, I passed lol. Also, you can have her enn playing repeatedly in low volume as you study, especially if there’s a need for memorization (say, specific formulas) so you would retain the info much faster and more effectively.

She struck me as a simple spirit, no fuss and all that. Not intense, more like a… windy breeze. She seems to listen and observe first before communicating so I don’t think you’d have any trouble with her hearing your request. Still, you yourself should ask her what she’d like as an offering for experiences may vary.


I amost def going to call her to help study for GED math test when the time comes I really really really hate math

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Also invoke math itself to guide you in your test.

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I am going to try this cause I really want to pass this test…every time I take it I fail it by 1freaking point

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