Evocation BlackList Pt. 5/6: Twisted Power

Ok guys here it is.
This is the List of Things Ill be Summoning. (And i am NOT taking ANYmore suggestions)

● Concepts:

● Places:
Here i will be Conjuring the Soul of each Place, Invoking it, then Afterwards making a Pact with the place. This will be to gain power and the connection of the Place and add it to my own magical workings.

The 7 Hells in 10 Places

9 Norse Worlds

Shamanic Planes (Upper World, Middle World, Lower World)

The Tree of Life (Whole Tree)

The Tree of Death (Whole Tree)

Astral plane

Casual Plane

Mental Plane

Formative Plane

● Beings/Spirits

72 Demons of the Goetia (All at Once in their entirety)

72 Angels of the Name (All at once)

The Demonic Race as a whole

The Angelic Race as a whole

The Darkness as a Whole

Entire Pantheon of The Gods of Death

Entire Pantheon of the Dark Gods

Thats it. Lets go.
(For some strange reaaon, im seriously considering not doing this. I can feel the tiredness come on even before i start lol. We will see how it goes)


Let’s do this shit!

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Invocation of Zen

As I invoke Zen, externally i feel the traditional sense of calm and peace. Internally, however, i feel a concentrated Force of power. It is burning hot and self sustaining. It looks like a White hot ball of White Fire with a reddish glow inside.

This is The Spirit of Zen,
The True Power of Zen as a being.

It sends out ripples from me that calm the environment around me. If i think about a issue, i automatically grow calm. But there is almost like a rage underneath. A fiery…anger almost. A hunger for stillness that is not satisfied. This fire seeks to consume everything into itself that is not Zen. That is what makes the environment calm.

When i think of my enemies, Zen advises me that with time they will all fall into the pit and kill themselves.

“Let them work out their own destruction. You remain peaceful.”

I command Zen to give me His Power. He sends ripples of it through my body.
I feel stronger lol. His power is very earthy and solid. It is very Masculine as well. As that is the nature of us men is to be Solid and resolute, unbothered by lifes circumstances. Dominating our empires through time.

I proceed to UnInvoke him. He leaves swiftly

End of Invocation


Invocation of Enlightenment

As I invoke Enlightenment, i sense a Energy that is made up of Light and Water.
This light is…gentle and Expansive. Calm like water.
But there is a Seriousness to it. Dare i say a demonic aspect. Its the state of a Samurai as he executes his moves with perdect timing and Deadly accuracy.
Time seems to slow down, if not stop. I am focused and the state moves on its own.

Baneful magic can be applied to this. I feel a fiery energy surging through me like lava. This is the light aspect of Enlightenment. The Thunder Strike. The Hammer of Thor that smashes all Illusion Maya has setup whether that illusion is an enemy that has somehow materialized in the physical, or a simple belief that has blinded you.

“Call the Earth as your witness and the Sky as the Supernatural Court that hears all and Sees all Through the bonds of Earth, Stone and fire. Pacts will be made, but only enlightenment will see them through. Do what is necessary to Shatter the Illusion before you. Whether you must kill or make Alive, do so, But in the knowledge that the Fire that Prometheus Carried to you Gods is the same fire (black flame) that dwells in you.”

I command Enlightenment to give me its power and a breif flash of light hits my eyes. Im not blinded lol. I can feel its power like hot lava running through me…for now hehehe.

I let Him depart.

End of Invocation


Invocation of The Polymath

I immediately feel a sense of Confidence and Balance, knowing that my Intellect is of sufficient power to thoroughly Master and Articulate any Subject at all.
I also know that time is on my side due to my High IQ.
But i also know that this intelligence is a product of Magical Work with King Paralda of The Air Element. Through Attaining Mental/intellectual Balance, i am able to learn easily and quickly without having to stop at most sticking points people do.
King Paralda Taught me how to control and cleanse my Mental Body of All blockages so i can process the consciousness of the thing i am learning.

“Access the Spirit in the Thing and you Master it. Know the Spirit in the Thing and you have Come to Grandmastery of it. Become the spirit of the Thing and You have come to being The Ultimate over it.”

Learning subjects is about connecting with the Being of that subject (say, mathematics) and invoking its knowledge through you so you see things the way it does. All a Genius is is someone who is very profiecient at Channeling the Spirit of An Idea. Thats all.

Do you struggle with Math? Stop looking at it from your point of view! A Ritual to Evoke and Invoke that Particular Spirit (Demon of Mathematics) woud be in order.
Develop a hierarchy that you can go by to make it easier for you. It would look something like this:

Subject/Area (Mathematics)

 Demonic Spirit (ArchDemon of Mathematics)

Sub-Area (Algebra)
Demonic Spirit (Demon of Algebra)

Concept (Adding/Subtracting Polynomials)
Demonic Spirit (Demon of Polynomials)

To take this further, you can Invoke the Polynomials themselves as they, again, are spirits; the symbols are their bodies/sigils. Once you get this, you will see that everything is connected. Which is what being a true polymath is.

“Channel the spirit in everything. Let it posses you, just like you are possesed by music. Let it become your passion. Mastery is a magical Art. You have the tools, now paint the Canvas.”

Use Evocation to Evoke the Thing you want to Master.
Use Divination to locate the specific Subject area of the thing that you need to master. Locate what you dont understand or know how to do in that subject.
Use Soul Travel to Travel to that Region and meet the Spirit there and learn under its tutelage.

In many ways this is like RHP devotion. But you will not sacrifice anything for it except sweat, blood, and tears.

Learn always, for knowledge is power.
Earn, for more power allows you to make more money :wink:

End of Invocation

PS: If you could not tell the difference between me and him, thats a good sign. A very successful Invocation. I love how he broke down the Demonic hierarchy in Mathematics lol.

That was all him by the way


Invocation of Logic

This spirit seems to have a very Demomic Energy about it. It is intensely focused on the chain of reasoning that connects things together.

It is examining each link to find its weakness and possibility for manipulation. This tether connects the question to the Answer. It just looped and formed a circle… circular reasoning. No, it connects the Answer and The Question at the same time so that you realize and know both.
If this process gets screwed up, then you have a case of blurting out the Answer, THEN realising the question.

Other times, there is no question. I sense that Logic originates from another universe (Universe D). Wow. The form of Logic here does not take place with words or thought, but shapes. A sequence of shapes with non deviating patterns.

“All these squares make a circle”
– Logic of Universe D

Should the Square and the circle deviate from the normal pattern of rotation, they form Illogic. A square-Circle. To access these higher dimensions of Logic, it becomes neccessary to introduce Drugs like LSD to the equation. Or in the very least have somewhat good psychic senses.

I see a green Triangle. Each alteration in the structure of the Traingle represents a “thought” as we know it, each angle being balanced out perfectly. If there is an imbalance, we come to know it as Illogical Thought because the “Shape” of that thought is fundamentally wrong.

All Logic is a conmection to a power of some sort. Thats why sigils are based on shapes. Shapes are the spirits of ideas on the mental plane. Mind what shapes you are using when you make a sigil for a spirit.

Cleanse your mental body with The Geometry of The Infernal. Some of you see shapes when you close your eyes. Those are us as we exist on the Mental Plane. You will see more of us as you progress and rise on the planes.

End of Invocation


Plato must be having a field day in the land of the Pure Form of Ideas!


Lol ikr

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I got another thing though, next time you do something like this, remember to add the concept of “Meditation” to the list. Not now, you’ve obviously got enough to do lol.


Ooooooooo that one sounds like it would be super interesting.

Not that the rest of these aren’t.

This is pretty neat @Micah .


More to come @JezebelleMoon
It is just beginning


I just got this idea, if Logic is the connection between all things, and all things can be reduced into the Void, then that means that the Void is the Absolute Form of Logic!

All forces encompass Void in themselves!

All of the RHP, anti-knowledge douchenozzles were too stupid to ever realize this Truth!

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If the question is answered at the same time that you ask it, what is the answer of the Void?
If the Void exists in order to ask a question, and emanates matter, then what is the answer that it is leading to that leads back into itself?

Rather, what is the form of matter that cannot help but lead itself back into the Void, thereby rebirthing all of Creation? In a sense, you could say all matter does this, but my intuition is that at a certain point, Void/Chaos is generated from a certain “level” of matter.

This teleology, this logic, is the final nail in the Coffin for the RHP in my opinion, for they do not even know the Truth that they claim to possess. To do this requires the expansion of knowledge and power, which is the focus of the Left Hand Path and the Middle Path.

The RHP only grasps one particular aspect of the Truth, but not all of it. They do not understand the “fall”, which is just as important as the pure Nothingness itself.


Answer me this @Epsilon_The_Imperial
What are the three states of matter in the physical?

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THATS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING @anon20147451 :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Aethyric, energetic, and astral?
That just popped into my mind.


True lol
Although i was talking about Solid, Liquid, and Gas :joy:

Point is: The Matter in the Void is similar to Lava, minus the heat.
It is made of Aethyric…Matter :joy:


Wait for it…

What is MATTER made of?

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A literal gallon of acid.


Light, Darkness, Void, Chaos, Sound, and Death?

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