Summoning Uriel


I want to work with this angel.
I would like some insight on the topic of summoning Angels in general.


There are many ways to summon angels. You can use a seal, in the same way you can with a demon. That is how I do it.

You can also summon through chanting of the name, or a talisman, like the GoM material.

Whatever your preferred method of evocation is, it can be used to summon an angel.

There are also some incantations here on the forum you can try:


I am not sure if this will help but Damon Brand has very specific summoning books on Angels. Maybe you could try getting them on Amazon. I have also thought of Archangel Raphael and possibility of having him perform healthing magic on myself or any other subjects. That is also why I got Damon Brand’s book on Archangels.


Out of curiosity. Why do you want to summon Uriel?


Summon the four arch angels at once. Just say I invoke Uriel, I invoke Gabriel, I invoke Raphael, and I invoke Michael. Say that twice and they will answer. All spirits answer on the first call. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise.


I looked up zodiac connections to angels and Uriel is aligned with Aquarius.
I may be wrong though.
So I just kindof started praying to Uriel.
More or less asking for protection.
Only read the goetia so I’m fairly new to all of this