Summoning things

Just out of curiosity i am asking. Is it possible to summon fire, water and other things in front of you? If yes how? Like i have heard many tantrics have done that and I really wanna know how it works. Please let me know more about it.
Thank you

It’s not possible Pyrokinesis just K
Read the link you will see what I mean

But i have heard many tantrik just light up fire from nth. How do they do that?

Read the article

Ok i am reading

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Yeah i read the article. So this means i need a lot of practice and its very dangerous right?

I mean yeah but you could be good at it, you don’t like Danger? I do in the sense of Using danger to become Powerful. If you don’t experience danger and don’t fully grasp what danger feels like and use that to become a dangerous powerful being then how can you ever become a dangerous powerful being in this life time? I mean your name is @Morningstar_666 make Lucifer proud!
You do have the username@Morningstar_666 don’t you or is there something wrong with my EYES?

:joy:i never said i will not face danger. I was gonna try them. But i need to be prepared first right. And i am not afraid of danger so yeah i will make lucifer proud​:joy:. Btw have you done it?

Not yet but I plan too I don’t like when people try running me over, yelling at me for no apparent reason while I’m on my bike some people just need some blown out tires ya know what I mean? It’s a dangerous world and getting hit by a car is not in my to do LIST

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Be prepared be grounded and go out in a field, get a metal barrel and throw some paper in the barrel, do it that way it’s a safer way better safe than sorry than and get jailed for starting a fire you couldn’t of possibly committed lol

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:joy:Am not in a mood to go to jail rn

Yeah I don’t plan to ever go back, I don’t like Cages plus if I went back I would hehehe

You can use qi to heat paper to it’s flashpoint, but what you are talking about is like the holy grail of occultists, physical manifestation. No one I know of in western occultism can do it, but E.A. has manifested it’s precursor, which is ectoplasm.

From there, in theory you could form anything out of that ectoplasm, but it would probably take longer to develop your skills and energy to do that than you can stay alive.