Summoning the almighty

Is it possible for someone to summon GOD?


GOd is the all. I think @Anziel_Merkaba has it bound to a stone


It is, but the methods and results vary from person to person and has been like that for centuries

Edit to add: Sometimes it is more like when in “Warhammer 40k” characters say “the Emperor protects”, its not that the Emperor will stop the bullets, but that by having faith in him you will be granted with the mental illlusion of being invincible, which will allow you to do things that you wouldn’t be able to do outside that mental state


Summon an arcangel and ask him to direct you. Altu many dont serve him anymore el is hard to reach

If GOD is like a dog you could just call him er it. “Here God, come here God. who’s a good god? you are … yes you are. Sit, stay, roll over…” er… maybe not that last part.


why are you underestimating him? he is not meant to be treated like dog

if they dont follow him anymore then whom do they follow now?


thank you very much

Other Gods and Godesses. Some serve Odin now. Some may serve Zeus, and others serve other deities. There’s still some who serve YHWH, but many have moved elsewhere, if they have even ever served YHWH (Not all Angels have)

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Nothing where here to learn some of your questions are explained there.

No i mean the almighty one. not the lower gods.the creator of universe

Ah my bad. Well I don’t really know, not everyone even believes in The All. And it’s said that the Angels were created but a large group of Gods (Odin and YHWH included), so I don’t really see why they would necessarily.


I am a hindu and i know the greatest 3 gods trideva also serve an almighty known as shiv or ishwor so my question arised from here because zeus is a lower diety known as indra. indra is king of deities and they serve 3 devas bhrama bishnu and shiva and they serve a almighty force shiv or ishwor.


You can summon who you believe “GOD” to be but you also open yourself up to anything that will claim it is. If not an egregore of what people collectively think the “all” is.


According to my visions I had propably from Thoth God (Jehova) is fallen, became human, became Jesus and is still on earth.

Christians said: “God became human.”

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i dont think so. but he did not become jesus actually jesus was preacher sent by god. so how can we say he fell. and what christians says doesnt matter because they say according to bible and the church version of bible has many defects. (correct me if i am wrong)

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Lol Christians say that the bible is 100% correct without error or defect and 100% the word of GOD.

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the original bible maybe. but the translated bible(church version) has many defects.

I will try to answer this,

God…who or what is it, in its most mystical explanation, God is Brahman/Absolute Reality/Spirit/the Infinite/Ain Sof

The Divine Essence in its origin point has no shape, vibration, attribute, name.

Then said Essence split to create the various planes of Creation,

God is manifest everywhere, within and outside (according to mystical teachings)

The Divine Essence is not to be summoned, it cant be, but A God probably, yes, though I would exercise caution and go with the utmost respect, this is my take on it.