Summoning OROBAS. Pls Help me

Hi. I’m from Iran and don’t access to free net or groups.
I want to summon orobas. Can someone help me with ritual?

Draw or print his sigil,you need one blue candle,gaze into the sigil,open and say demonic enn 6x times : Jedan tasa hoet noca Orobas . Be respectful,state your wish loud or write petition and offer him a glass of wine because you evoke him for the first time.


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Just chant his enn he’ll come and listen to you if he accepts you should try to be friends and get to know him he’s really cool, and funny.

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Thanks for answering my questions
Just one problem ;I am live in Iran and don’t have access to wine! Can I offer fruit, cookies or chocolate?
1.Which direction should I be sited? ( I read on some articles that’s North)
2.does it mater in which hour the ritual should be? Some say it’s Jupiter and some say it’s Saturn?

Best regards

I never summoned any spirit but i think prince Orobas is a great spirit and I feel some kind of connection with him.

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Done :white_check_mark:

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Yes,you can,whatever you can offer is fine.
1.It doesn‘t matter which direction ,but if you want to do that properly face North or West
2. Orobas is Prince of the Night,so you will perform ritual at midnight
3.It‘s Saturn,but it doesn’t matter,make it easy ,spirits have a patience for beginners,Orobas is one of the who is very friendly when you are new.I wish you good luck!

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Thank you very much.
I wish you whatever your heart wants.



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