Summoning Method Using Psalms

I just read a book by Baal kadmon the instructions in the book is quiet easy to perform but I was still questioning On its legitimacy whether I could possibly summon a Goetic spirit using psalms and offer an egg after that just make a petition and nothing more than that ?

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I would say, it works for him so it can work for you, but your doubt will kill the magick dead.

So suspend disbelief and try it?


I don’t know which book you mean, but I’ve used a couple of his books and had no trouble. Most of his stuff that I have read is way more complicated than Gom rituals, and other like authors imop.

I wouldn’t decide simply based on how easy it is to do, because quite a few occult writers have made it their mission to make magic doable for real people.

Petitions aren’t supposed to be real hard, so I’d assume you’d get the summoned presence- the energy/their attention, but it might be more like a one way call than a summoning. But someone experienced or who has developed their senses, probably would be able to fully summon regardless of how simple it seems.

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