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I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on summoning King Paimon, and I’ve found different info on the matter at hand. Some are saying you NEED a circle, whereas other places say it’s insulting. Some are saying you NEED a mirror, whereas other places are saying it’s not 100% necessary.

The only concrete info I’ve read is that having incense that fits who you’re trying to summon, candles, their sigil, and the prayer to start the process.

Any senior in here willing to steer me in the right direction?



Are you summoning Him with the perspective of Goety or Demonolatry - because that will determine which method you go with, ultimately.

If you wish to evoke and command, a mirror and a circle.

If you wish to invite and request, no circle and no mirror.

The second method - the best way to go about it is to create a lamen with His sigil, and over a period of 24 hours, starting at dawn (He is a demon of the Day), charge the sigil. Make a request for an audience the next day at dawn, again at dusk, and then the next dawn do your ritual.

If you wish to, when requesting His presence, chant His Enn (Linan Tasa Jaden Paimon).

He likes yellow or gold candles and frankincense.

He is very psychically noisy, so prepare for that. He will turn down the volume if you ask Him to.


@NyctophiliaRaven For the first time of going about this, I’m simply inviting him to talk. Learn more about him FROM himself and simply skip the middleman for only he knows the most in regards to himself.

That spawns another question. Does he frequent dreams? As people and scientifically proven, 90% of people dream when they hit REM sleep. With that being said, I NEVER remember my dreams. It’s rather frustrating.

However, today, I had a dream that I can partially remember. I dreamed that I summoned him and he came forth. He asked why I was summoning him and I responded with “I just need a hug.” Apparently I was crying at that point for he wrapped his arms around me and just talked.

I havent been in a good state mentally (another story) so he simply sat there and listened. I dont remember much else other than my offering of alcohol that he accepted.

Could that have been him? Or simply a coincidence now that I’m pursuing actively summoning him?

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@SavvySyringe It’s actually been my experience with most of the Dark Lords and Ladies that sometimes they pick up on my intent to work with them and visit me before I get to that place - mostly to let me know that I need to stop hemming and hawing and get to it, to let me know that the waiting period is unnecessary, that they’re ready to go now. It sounds like that was what your dream was signifying - that He’s ready and willing to work with you.

He asked you why you wanted to work with Him, and you told Him, and then He gave you what you needed and accepted your offering. It sounds like a clear go-ahead for you to work with Him in regards to your current mental health needs.

His hugs are fantastic, by the way. He’s like a great big weighted blanket wrapped around my aura when I need it. It makes me feel very safe, very protected, very cherished… and helps me calm down if I’m having an anxiety attack, almost immediately.

A few days ago I was at a doctor’s office and was trying to schedule a follow-up appointment. The tv in the lobby was on, there were lots of people talking, the sound was overwhelming… and I started to panic and stopped being able to think clearly.

He spoke up to me, and said, “You need to step outside and take a moment.” It’s good advice, so I excused myself from the schedule person, stepped outside, and just breathed while chanting His Enn and letting Him just coat me in that warmth. It didn’t take very long for me to get centered and calm again, and then I was able to go and set up my next appointment.

This is the kind of interaction I have with Him frequently, so I think that you working with Him regarding your own mental wellbeing is a very good idea - and perhaps I was led to join this forum today specifically to add to the synchronicity of your experience. :slight_smile:

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According to some experiences, it seems that the Circle isn’t absolutely required (theoretically it would be a component of the magical field…).
Aside from its objective aspect, there is the psychological one. That is, a way to view a common place (room, beach…) as a temple or portal etc. But many authors agree that Magick should be considered united with everyday life; so, by embracing this mindset, it’s possible to not use a circle.
Both mirror and incense may be used or only one of them (their position would be in the Triangle, but in case of avoiding the Circle…); in fact, e.g. no need for the mirror if the entity takes a body from the smoke.

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Welcome to the forum, @SavvySyringe ! Please take a moment and click below to introduce yourself:


oooooh @Manosman by name of Lady Eva I conjure and evoke thee, that thou appeared in a pleasant form!!!

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@Kassapu I decline! You sir, have been rejected! XDDDDDD

So, about King Paimon, you need NOTHING to summon him.
Some spirits indeed find the use of circle, insulting. But that’s not the case here. You don’t need protection from him, for he’s amazing. He’s also beginner friendly, so it’s okay to just go for it.

You shouldn’t care about direction, time of day, planets, tools, colors, etc.
The only things you should know are these:

  1. Respect him a lot!
  2. Call him “King Paimon”!
  3. Be fully dressed (no topless, etc.)!
  4. Be serious about working with him!

These are all things you need in order to summon him. As for his sigil or enn, use them if you want to summon him that way. Also, for offerings, he likes wine, sweet things and other things (check out the forum for more info).

Feel free to ask him about himself, he’ll tell you.

PS: You can find his enn somewhere on the forum or just Google it. And his sigil can be easily found on Google images.




@Manosman If I would have known I didnt need anything to summon him, I wouldnt have spent an arm and a leg for items. However, I’m not complaining. Hopefully the things I did acquire make his visit more comfortable.

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I mean, if you feel better by having them, go on ahead. But as I said, you don’t need any tools. You can also use astral methods to summon him, if you’re into that.

@Manosman I can’t say I’m not into using other methods. I’m new to this, I’m not going to lie. Being new means I have a drastically steep learning curve. With that being said, I’m 100% able AND willing to learn new and different ways to go about this. So, any advice, tips, books to read, etc will drastically help on this new journey. I’m also all for constructive criticism.


I understand! You shouldn’t worry about it. I suggest you read some forum topics that you find interesting. Don’t worry about the little details at first though. You should firstly learn how things and energy works. That’s important!

@Manosman I don’t think I’m strong enough to be in his presence just yet. Or maybe I did something wrong and he just didn’t show up. I know you said I dont need anything to speak to King Paimon, but as stated, I bought items before knowing that, so I used them. I had 3 burners of Frankincense going, 6 yellow candles going, his sigil and name on parchment paper, and an offering of alcohol and gummies (figured I’d let him choose which one he fancies most.) But, I didnt see or hear anything. I was so excited. Its disheartening, to say the least.

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I understand how you feel.
Rememeber that just because you can summon him without all these, he will really appreciate your hard work. Also, he will really understand that you respect him and you treat him like a king. Which is really important!

Now, the reason that you can’t hear him or sense him, is probably because your astral senses aren’t strong enough yet. But know, that when summoned, King Paimon always comes, even if you don’t sense him there. You should develop your astral senses first in order to feel him, hear him and perhaps even see him.

My advice is to listen to your thoughts, because he will try to talk to you through them. Except if you do some sort of divination.


@Manosman Is it frowned upon here to delve out personal info such as a number/email? I ask for I’d like to have you as a mentor on this journey. If, of course, you’re willing to be as such

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Sorry, only me again going on about chanting. Chanting names is an effective call - not a summons - a call. Over time and with repetition what you call will come and manifest if given the opportunity, like through ritual. I recommend making your own 100% natural counting beads and using these.



@Uncle-Al I started my session with King Paimon’s enn. I said it out loud for a bit before repeating it in my head. I then continued with “I have immense amounts of respect for you, King Paimon. I am telling you firsthand that I am not here to command you or to ask you to do my bidding. I simply seek guidance, wisdom, and to learn more about you. I humbly apologize in advance of my ignorance. But, with your teachings, I know I’ll be steered in the right direction”

I waited a bit and didnt see/hear anything. So, I asked about himself and gave him ample time to respond for if he was there, I didnt want to be rude and cut him off mid-sentence. After that, I started speaking of other things that got me a tad bit emotional.

Didn’t mean for him to witness that side of me just yet.

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I believe he heard you. As I told you, he always comes when summoned. Also, I’m sure he knows how you feel and that you respect him. I believe he knew that before you even tell him. You should try to summon him again. I believe he will want to hear you out. You may connect better this time.

I’d be glad to help you. You can PM me here whenever you want and we can talk about it and about your journey.

I know he’s going to ask how to PM so just a quick note that @SavvySyringe can’t PM just yet because he just joined the forum 6 hours ago so you will have to initiate contact first :slight_smile:

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