Summoning Hagith

Hey guys - If any of you have good experience working with Hagith, can you share your tips? Especially any enn to summon? Not sure if it is a male or female deity. I believe it’s a male.

I know the color green appeals to hagith and also cinnamon. Anything else?

I have the sigil just need what to do in terms of offerings or enn.

Thank you.

The Olympic Spirit? I used the method from Masterworks of Chaos Magick by Adam Blackthorne and it worked wonderfully, it made me very fond of Hagith. It’s very different from the traditional method and doesn’t require anything besides the appropriate sigil, and doesn’t even need a physical offering but still works great.


Thank you! I will check it out

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Where did you find Hagith?
Where is he/she published?

Hagith is one of the 7 Olympic Spirits. They were originally published in The Arbatel of Magic, a grimoire from the renaissance.

The spirits are Arathron, Bethor, Phaleg, Och, Hagith, Ophiel, and Phul in order. Each spirit is associated with the powers of a certain planet, Hagith associated with the powers of Venus.


Wtf. Great. I published them in German in my thread about the Nigromantic Art-Book (“Nigromantisches Kunst-Buch”).

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The olympic spirits manifest easier than demons and angels. Especially :heart: Och :heart: he is quick to manifest and very powerful.

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Consciousness is consciousness: it is not truly restricted by any human conception. However, while you insist on placing some definition on the entities you work with, I’d say “Hagith” is analogous to Venus, Mother Mary, Ishtar, Freyja, Frigg etc. It is typically associated with “femininity” but is actually gender-neutral. Green and cinnamon shouldn’t be surprising considering it’s stereotype of being Venusian.
No enn needed, just repeat the name “Hagith” until you get fed up while focussing on the sigil. If you want to spice it up, get some foreign language incantation for Venus/Aphrodite and simply use Hagith in its place. You can also use the Lord’s Prayer if you wish. Whatever works. All the invoking/evoking and banishing rituals are just to help stabilise the consciousness in this regard.


Which method? Cuz theres a lot

I’d recommend you read the whole book. There is a ritual in there for summoning the Olympic Spirits, which Adam explains can be used to summon any spirit with their sigil. (But do read everything that comes before, If you haven’t already).

Also, I really don’t recommend pirating their works. Just a heads up since it can be more common.


I’ve been working out of this book lately. Does this ritual work with infernal spirits too or is it better suited for celestial spirts or earthy genius? They call upon god names in it so I’m leery of trying it with infernal spirits.

Yes it should work fine with infernal spirits. EA Koetting has used “God Names” for his rituals, and the popular book called Demons of Magick also by the GoM (written by Gordon Winterfield) uses “God Names” for calling on infernal spirits. You should also remember that the very foundation of the magick of the Goetia, primarily the Lamegeton, uses these names as well. Seems magicians in those times were not quite as interested in LARPing (except in a different way) and Edgelording, so they didn’t use this magick for the sake of trying to be evil or because of rebellion, so essentially the foundation of this magick rests on other principles.

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That’s because the majority of the famous occult grimoires were written by priests or religious scholars desperately trying to not make it look what they were studying wasn’t magic but something holy or sacred. That said I glad to hear it. I don’t want have to threaten or coerce demons to help me but help me because they want to and that’s all I was worried about it.

I thought I would try to use his system to invoke one of the nether lords out of BoA by EA. I’m not sure what I should offer though if public praise isn’t enough though Adam says it should be.

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Not quite. We also have much of the works of the earlier pagan magicians and philosophers, then also works of different traditions not simply those of the European tradition. But speaking on the western tradition, many magicians were not priests but rather simply scholars, and wrote texts anonymously, and some texts were in wide circulation in manuscript form while being banned by the church. There are also cases like Giordano Bruno, whose works do survive despite him being very much a “heretic”, and his philosophy being vastly different from other magicians of the time, and he was executed eventually. So writing works like this was no doubt possible and other magicians explicity wrote texts very much heretical, and refused to give them up in the face of trial and execution.

If there was some sort of cult of Demonolatry before modern times, no doubt we would see literature on this.
With that said, this idea of rebellion through worship of demons is primarily a product of the 20th century, not being found beforehand. This is not to say that this path is wrong, but to say it is explicitly found before modern times is not quite accurate. And there is reason for this because of the worldview and mindset of the people in these times.

I wanted to say, do NOT attempt to command demons, or any other spirit for that matter. At least not in the way it is spoken of in the Lamegeton. It seems some magicians are actually capable of doing this, but it’s best to be respectful, not be commanding in the sense of, well, being a dick. I understand that is your intention to approach them with respect of course, so this is not necessarily directed towards you.

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No offense taken I got your meaning. I haven’t attempted attempt to command any spirit be it Angel, Demon, or otherwise to do anything as first off I am not that skilled to do so and second I don’t have a space too do it in a ceremonial way anyhow.

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