Entities for evoke clasification

I’m working on creating notes that describes what entities or spirits can be summoned. Today I discovered this post:Summoning Hagith
I didn’t know anything about Olympic Spirits, so I think there is much more for me to discover.
Currently my list of evocative (I don’t know if that is the right word for this, but I’ll do my best) spirits is following:
a) Goetia Spirits Like Paimon, Ipos, Bune and so on
b) non-Goetia spirits but mentioned in similiar way in grimoires like Grimoire Verum (i.e. Clauneck, Lucifer)
c) ancient gods i.e. egyptian (Ra, Sekhmet, Anubis), nordic (Fenrir, Odin, Thor)
d) planetary spirits like Bartzabel (I discovered him through Behemoth’s song with the same name and Morino Ravenberg’s blog)
e) upper mentioned Olympic Spirits
f) Necronomicon Spirits
g) angels like Sandalphon, Raphael, Gabriel and so on
h) other “light” entities like YHVH, Christ, Holy Spirit, Saints
g) and of course dead people’s spirits

Would you add something to this list? Did I forgot something?

Orisha’s, spirits of the Loa, Servitors, fantasy characters turned egregore, Pomba Gira’s, Greek Gods, Djinn, elementals, land and nature spirits, elemental energy, spirits of living people, genius, spirits of animals, Native American gods, ancestors etc etc.

Pretty much anything you can think of can be evoked. You’d be better off to ask what Can’t be evoked. But I can’t think of anything that would fit in that category lol.


That’s alot. I didn’t fully realize how many different entities/spirits there are until it was compiled into a list. Coming from a Baptist background my whole life, and being a year+ into this, this is a “whoa/amazing” moment. Like seeing a waterfall for the first time.


Well, okey, I’m curious. What cannot be evoked or summoned?

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Well, okey, I’m curious. What cannot be evoked or summoned?

probably what’s beyond or outside human sphere of knowledge at any point in time.
If you know exist, there’s probably a way to summon it. if you don’t know exists… well… I suppose if you’re brave enough you could go deep into the unknown looking for spirits that haven’t been contacted yet. I suppose i’m too much of a chicken for that at this point in time.
But then there’s a few times where a few “chosen” ones are contacted or stumble upon a new kind of unknown spirits… So… who knows dude.


Sorry, I honestly can’t think of anything, maybe a physical item like a cup, because it would be too generic, unless it was your favorite cup. :woman_shrugging: Kinda like how cars even develop egregore type spirits, when people give them names and talk to them, so. Honestly a generic physical item, would be about all I might say couldn’t be evoked. But even then, idk because you can evoke and invoke the energies of something, so. I could be being short sighted here.