Summoning Demons

Do we have to say a pray or ritual outload? And can we do rituals in the morning instead of at night?


Whatever time works.

And you dont have to say a “prayer” to do evocation.


Okay thank you.I still live at home and I am more alone during the day then at night so I don’t want my mom to know that I am in my room summoning demons.


Lol same here


I feel the same way like its just my own personal thing. So I understand how you feel. Lol

Would I be able to summon night demons in the daylight?

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If I may ask, what are night demons? As far as I’m concerned there isn’t a distinction… You can summon whatever, whenever. Of course Time and Day do help, but you don’t have to factor those in.

Acorrding to the joy of satan’s website there are some demons who only work in the night.Like Seer and LUCIFUGE ROFOCALE

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That is the absolute first I’ve heard of this. I wouldn’t take it as true, JMO


It depends on the system you are using. Within the Abremelin system, there are demons of specific days, and hours, but other than that specific system, most demons can be evoked at any time.

Just kidding kiddies :hushed::grin: I couldn’t resist you guys just set it up so perfect. Bit seriously though I think we all have been there and most of us know and can sympathize with you. Always willing to help out and it looks like you got some good answers.


Dem astral temples though.


I’d recommended chanting the Demons enn a few times out of respect and yes you can do the ritual at any time. Generally it would be better to for example Evoke a day Demon during the Day and vice versa.

Also thank the Demon when you’re done. It’s polite.

Theoretically one may also summon Spirits and hold communication with them only in mind, while walking or stting in an office.
Recently I remembered a thing that Regardie wrote about evocation: he hoped to see a version of it used by psychologists. He mainly referred to entities as mental complexes, but I was fascinated by those 1-2 lines of text. Indeed a modern, handy form of evocation, perhaps with pen and paper or meditative, could be used either in order to channel forces or to open portals towards dimensional beings (depending on how the entities are considered).
Same thing when I read on the cover of a book by Kardec that it came along with a table usable to talk with Spirits. Actually, that table was an ouija: in fact, there are automatic writing, channeling and the method of 5 questions that I used myself. Who knows, the option of the aforesaid “new method” maybe is already covered.

Day or night depending on the ritual and for increased power chanting and evoking outloud is far more effective than silent prayer… :hot_face:

I started to invoke Lilith for over a week. But I’m feeling nervous and anxious most of the time since then. Is it common

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Well we a feel different deities’ energies differently. When I invoked Lilith I felt happy and in a state of ecstasy.

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