Summoning Dead Sorcerers

Not that I’m going to do this or anything but has anyone did an evocation or invocation on a known sorcerer (sorceress, occultist, witch, etc.)? The idea just popped in my head and did a little search here to make sure it’s not an over done topic.

While I don’t believe I’m the first to think about this, I wonder if anyone else sees the potential in ascension through learning from one of the masters directly? I realize the dead don’t know much more than when they were alive but hopefully that would work to one’s advantage because I’d imagine that things that hindered them on earth (i.e. addiction, hunger, livelihood, etc.) wouldn’t be an issue without a physical body in another realm. Therefore they theoretically would be able to teach undistracted and sharp.

Any thoughts?

This rings a bell… I think there was a discussion on this in the last few months. Maybe under necromancy.
I recall it being overall positive.