Summoning Baphomet



omg now that I think of it, I remember I was laying down, with my eyes closed, and i saw what appeared to be Baphomet on my eyelids! Either that or the horned God…


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Very nice!
Hail Baphomet :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you have ro say certain words in a different language like latin to summon baphomet? And what happens after you summon baphomet? And where is its temple?


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Yes, anything in consciousness is real but not quite the way we think it is. Forms are flexible. So yes, he can be summoned. Why not just get a Baphomet effigy and create your own ritual. Far more important than the form is its fundamental purpose, i.e. the spiritual truth it represents. All the rest will just be smoke and mirrors.


An entity I relate to Baphomet came to me and my wife (separately) and gave us some personal welcome and initiation messages when we first started taking magick seriously. We both saw him exactly the same way: he appeared as a naked, anthropomorphic and very tall black goat with the whole body covered in short hair, so not exactly as Eliphas Levi’s drawing. We created an altar dedicated to him after our encounters.

Well, this is interesting, because right before the first time he talked to me, I saw him arriving with two other creatures that looked more or less the same as him. So I’ve also been playing with that theory for some time.

I wasn’t really afraid, although his presence is a little intimidating.