Suicidal issue with friend and my sister

So I’m doing my damn best to talk to the two of them, I lost a friend and now I can’t lose my sister and loosing her bf as well will rip me up inside seeing I didn’t do enough to talk them out of it, I wish there was some way I can sway there minds to think otherwise but although I’m saving lives I feel that isn’t right

Anything you guys recommend I do?

See I wouldn’t call a demon to help lolololol (this isn’t funny just making humor to cope with the STRESS) probably cause they wouldn’t have enough time CAUSE I COULD LOOSE THEM TO SUICIDE TONIGHT AND 911 WONT DO IT THEY ARENT LOCAL GUYS I NEED HELP FAST

I lost my friend cause I couldn’t recognize the signs therefor I couldn’t talk to her

I refuse to make that same mistake again

So if there is anything you guys can recommend I’d greatly appreciate it

I cant loose my sister or my friend

Sorry for freaking out I just don’t know what to do

Like I don’t understand how this happens to occur after I finish my banishing and warding🙄

Depending on where you live, you can also commit her to a mental health facility against her will.

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I would still call 911. If you can delay her long enough for emergency services to get there, then it should help.

For spirits, call on King Paimon.

And read this:

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I am sorry to hear this is happening; please keep in mind that your family may need attention that this forum is not capable of giving that can only be given by a professional. Below is a list of contacts and resources in the event you need them :slight_smile:

If you feel that you are in immediate danger, please call your local emergency number or go to your local hospital emergency room right away. If you are unsure of the right number to call, please visit this link and call the number next to the country where you are located:

Here are some additional contacts:

US: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

US LGBTQ Youth (the Trevor Project): 1-866-488-7386

US Veterans Crisis Line: 1-800-273-8255 (press 1)

Canada: 1-800-784-2433

International: Befrienders Worldwide

Australia: 13-11-14 (lifeline) or 1-800-55-1800 (kids help line for 5-25 yrs old)

UK Samaritans: 116 123 (UK) & 116 123 (ROI) free of charge, or e-mail: [email protected]


Yeah ofc I was just looking for spiritual advice on top of medical advice

They also seem to be fine now since they’re stone as fuck


Thank you for understanding :rose:

At least they are fine cause they’re stoned now as bad as that sounds it’s better then me standing over a grave

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Stoned with what? I ask because of potential overdose (I don’t mean to cause panic).

Weed, they smoke a lot, it seems to help them with times like this


Cool, cool.

I’d still try to have her put in a mental facility and/or get King Paimon to help (I also heard Thoth in my head) since she might pull this stunt again.

Yeah I’m asking king paimon in a petition to manipulate both of there minds so they both do not want to hurt themselves or others any longer and to do so without harm in the process, I feel that’s a little much to ask for but my intuition says keep going so I trust king paimon :heart: I know he’s capable of doing wonders

Do you think after I write that if I asked something like (in the same petition) let them see the love in each other and the greatness of there life or something, idk seems like I’d be asking for too much, either that or it would be like a clarification more

I would do the mental hospital thing but we are in completely different states (I’m adopted)


Have them commited, it helped me

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Can you tell me who is suicidal exactly?

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It was my sister and her bf but I did a petition with king paimon so ig we will see how that goes

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I just spoke to Lucifer, based on the vision I got, I think he said he’d help them

Yeah lucifer said to me they aren’t gonna kill themselves, I also asked king paimon to help

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Her bf already said he’s happy now, idk if that’s the pot or king paimon, probably bothXD

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She seems sad now, I think the pot is starting to wear off :confounded: I hope we don’t go back to square one, lucifer tells me have faith but it’s this natural feeling of worry that something…bad may happen

My intuition is saying to try the void meditation before I goto bed so maybe I’ll give that a go

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He told me he’d help them, don’t worry

Yea but I think it’s just human nature to get worried at something like this