Suicidal issue with friend and my sister

I understand

I do have faith in king paimon and lucifer I always had faith in them

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I’ll be honest weed has saved me from suicide, what you can try to do is try and get them to take it more serious, they’re likely using it as a drug, a means to get high and escape the suffering of life.

Try to get them to use it as a medicine, the intention alone can do it, the spirit of marijuana has helped me tremendously with dealing with the material world and the gap between the spiritual.

There were days where the only thing I looked forward to was my next hit, I’m not saying it’s healthy or pretty, but it’s a whole lot better than suicide.

Try and make jokes with them about how much they are stoners and really emphasize that it’s a medicine, and to never treat it like a drug.

You can use paimon or you can connect with mj and ask the spirit itself!

I remember a point when it was basically just weed, memes, and music holding me up.

High people live music, and good memes, you’ll keep them laughing and vibing until they can see a therapist.

I like philosophy memes when I’m high and depressed:

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Please don’t be afraid to involve the authorities if you feel their lives are in danger. Or seek professional medical advice on their behalf. Please. If not for their sake then for mine and the rest of BALG since, speaking for myself, reading threads like this keep me up at night with worry.

From a magickal perspective; I suppose I would recommend Raphael and Metatron to oversee and guide them. Other people have suggested Paimon; I would also drop the names here of both Dantalion and Orias, who can respectivly change the thoughts of others, and change the decision of others without a single word being spoken to them.

I hope your loved ones can come out of their darkness unharmed and I wish the best for both them and yourself; it is not easy bearing this burden on your own, let alone bearing the burdens of others as well as yourself. Be well, and I wish the best for you and your loved ones. :bouquet:


Yes, I agree. It’s always best to go to the authorities or seek medical help when dealing with someone who is suicidal, vs running to an online forum.

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They live in a completely different state idk what to do

You must learn to not let it affect you this much,

It’s a good thing to care, I myself worry sometimes too,

But I don’t let it affect me so much because I understand that for now, there’s only so much I can do with my vigilanteism, untill I grow in power

As with us all, but for everyone seeing this I thank you for taking time to read my post…I called king paimon and I have massive faith in him and lucifer

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Possibly if your really concerned you can tell the authorities (cops) where you are that they were talking suicidal could they get the cops in their town/state to do a wellness check to be sure their ok.

If you know their addresses or phone numbers (cuz they’d need 1 or both those to find the right people/place).

If you don’t know their addresses/numbers though I don’t know what else you could do besides what you’ve done which is talking to Paimon and Lucifer.

:crossed_fingers: I’m hoping it turns out ok that the spirits change their mind they get help you know that it turns out ok.

Depending on what the cops are like where they live and their particular mindset, you have to be careful, because some people do the old “suicide by cop.” (Yeah, some places have really bad police departments.)

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Theres good news in that it is extremely rare for that to happen. And when it does it’s the usually crazy guy who’s life fell apart (who looses his wife kids job car house and more all the day he does do that). So in this case… not likely at all.