Suicidal but fearing death

So I’ve contemplated suicide for a while now but one of the main things keeping me alive is the reality that the realm of the dead might end up being worse than living. Please keep your answers related to the matter at hand and don’t worry about my reasons for wanting to do this or anything like that.

Honestly, what happens after death is something no one can really guarantee. So there isn’t much to be said here other than, go with your gut. If you feel like something worse is waiting for you, it probably is. There are a lot of people who believe in a paradise, who believe in reincarnation, who believe in a strict system of judgement, who believe in the universal consciousness or higher self, the list goes on. Some even believe whatever we believe is what happens - so I’d say explore your spiritual path, what feels right for you, and come to your own conclusions as far as how you view death and the beyond.


Committing suicide. If you are feeling any depression or hard feelings, then you don’t have to feel that there’s nothing for you in this world.

There’s the probability that you will reincarnate. After death, Consciousness or God might have it so that you will reincarnate and be placed back onto this level of reality.


Assuming he allows it.
Assuming he believes in it, to allow it.
This is a very screwed up topic.

Instead of debating the forever debatable, let me instead say that looking to death as an escape spiritually, will only ever make you feel more lost. Instead, exploring how you percieve death. Walking side by side with death, instead of plunging headfirst with a blindfold on, might make you feel more prepared for your choices ahead. Whether that be to live, or to die.

I’m not an advocate for suicide, but my path dictates that everyone has the right to make their choices without judgement. So I will not judge you, OP, just attempt to guide you in order for you to make your decision in a more educated manner. Attempt to read some books on the craft, perhaps specifically on Necromancy as that magick deals with all kinds of death energies. Connect with some gods of death, if you can, and gain insight from them. If you cannot do that, simply going inward and introspection on how you view death, whether you think of it as an escape or a second chance or a prison, and what comes from that, may be your best bet as far as understanding yourself and what’s best for you. Wherever that final decision rests.


@Lady_Eva might have some stuff to say here

Ah,… I’ve been there. One of my reasons to join the so-called LHP.

No matter how much I twisted and reorganized my reasoning; being in heaven/paradise with YHVH never, never, ever made sense.

Now I now better. Yes, out of choice you can reincarnate or you can remain in the spirit world. Believe me, there is a lot to be done. So why am I still in this physical world? Long story short; it don’t really matter. Being dead or alive seems to be irrelevant to me. I have suicidal thoughts from time to time; but now I am NOT afraid of death. So joining this LHP has indeed kept from departing this realm. May I pull the trigger one day? Perhaps; who cares (I don’t).



Try chanting daimoku. Excellent meditation.

Also, doing any type of physical, manual work may help clear one’s mind. As explained in Buddhism, incarnating as a human is actually a very rare gift (considering the number of members of non-human species and—without getting political since it’s forbidden in this forum—considering the fact a great deal of pregnancies—42 million per year—are terminated).

It is therefore quite a rare gift and occurrence to incarnate as a human being, and (according to different philosophies) only humans can learn certain things, develop specific abilities, and ascend to higher realms.


This has been my experience as well.
I’m glad that I’m not alone. :heart:


@Jared33 Sorry to hear that you’re going through such a hard time.

Some times it helps to talk to someone. This can be an awful time of year for people, I know.

This thread here has some other suggestions, intended for people who are having a hard time.

Stay Strong.


The reason I say to stay strong is because I believe you are strong by being here and asking for help. :slight_smile:


I’ve been through similar. My fear is more regardless pain I guess or if I regret too late. I think I’ll reincarnat, but I wish my soul disappeared, cease to exist like atheists believe it happens. I was told what happens is what you believe will happens, but don’t know, I don’t think is worse than this though. I usually would try tell you that life can be good, to be strong, but that would make me a hipocrict. I’m done and tired of my life, of being alone, I ask and ask help but I can’t find anyone to care enough to help me, and I can’t deal with this anymore, not like this, all by myself, hopeless and lost. So I get why someone might want to kill themselves. I myself don’t wanna die, but I can’t keep living this way.
But yeah is impossible know for sure what waits on the other side. But the way I see, I believe it can’t be worse than this, it just can’t. Even reincarnation wouldn’t be that bad, be a baby again, worry free. I don’t wanna sound like I’m telling you “go forward, kill yourself” but I guess nothing that no onse say here will change your mind, regardless of your decision, so I’m just trying answer your question based on what I believe. What I believe to myself at least.

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With all due honesty bro…DON’T DO IT

And Hold up
Don’t leave me hanging…Read on

When you commit suicide, this incarnation you took, goes to waste. You would HAVE to do another REINCARNATION. So whatever years and shit you lived through, you got to go through them again. So DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

I mean, why in the world would anyone want to take another reincarnation. Like trust me, you don’t want that. You have to go through this shit. I am not gonna tell you, you can do it or etc. Cause it’s bullshit. Idk what your reasons are…But…DUDE…You have to live…If you commit suicide, you got to do another incarnation. And trust me, coming back, isn’t for you or anyone. So pull through it and this might be ur last birth…Try not to put on any karma :wink:


There are several ideas and no guarentee at all.

If those who affirm karma is real are right, you may be fucking yourself up.

If those who affirm that there is a punishment for commiting suicide are right, you may be fucking yourself up.

If those who affirm there is reincarnations are right, then YOU ARE fucking yourself up, since you’ll have to do it (and suffer) all over again 'til is done.

If those who affirm that you create your own afterlife are right, then those fears of something worse are waiting for you.

If the hardcore atheist is right and then there is nothing, to the nothingness you go.

No matter how you look at it, it is pretty damn clear that Tyrion Lannister was right: death is final, life is full of opportunities. And also, most ideas about the issue seems to sugest that you will be fucking yourself up.


Great response. Seriously don’t do it. You are going to jump back into the reincarnation wheel.

It’s like a video game. Its like you starting a game of Mario, and instead of finishing the level you keep just falling in the cracks hoping that by doing that you will somehow beat the level.

Let me give you some great tools that have worked amazing for me that I am hoping you will consider.

If you have a fucked up life/situation etc. Get some protection magick around you immediately. Buy the Gallery Of Magicks book, ‘Magickal Protection’ and imply it immediately. There is also great angelic magick you can use from their 72 Angels Of Magick book

If you are struggling with some inner battle of some sort grab their book, ‘Angels Of Alchemy’ and immediately start with the inner. I have gotten the most beautiful results from both books.

Pick your head up man. I don’t think anyone on this forum wants to reincarnate. We are all ready to go to the next phase- and if you even remotely want to then start hacking away at changing your reality the way you want to.


If you believe that, it may happen.
If you don’t, it is less likely


Basically this. This is the advice I would like everyone to have. Not only for you Jared, or anyone else in this forum, but for every single human being.


That’s a wonderful comparison!
Wait sorry that sounded too happy lol. But I do like this explanation in regards to people whom believe that reincarnation/karma/etc will be what happens.


Personally, I don’t even believe in the ideology you mentioned. I don’t believe that If I believe in something it is more likely to happen than.

I believe that there are some rules and procedures in place that would take place. Believing or not believing will not make the outcome any different…



I think that ideology you mentioned stems out from the law of attraction.
But law of attractions only works for material goods. (in my opinion)

I can’t change my spiritual outcome from law of attraction, in my opinion


I mean in my opinion, no one knows shit until it happens. Whether there are rules or not isn’t really the argument. Some people, namely Bhudists if I remember correctly [could be another similar system], believe that the mind is what ascends. The mind forms reality, and thus, what they believe to be the reality of the afterlife is the case with them.

There are others who believe in heaven and hell, but let’s say that the above is correct, well - then heaven and hell is correct too. In my mind what is and isn’t right isn’t actually relevant. It’s what makes the most sense, currently, based on what we have available. The theory above, to me, makes the most sense, as it allows for all beliefs to co-exist without outright disproving one or the other, or outright sentencing someone to a death they don’t believe in. I guess one could see it as the cheap answer to everything, but manifestation is a crazy thing. So you never know. Not knowing is half the fun, really.