I have been working with suhn’tal’ock and he has been miraculous. He worked with me to change my mindset first to make me see things in a larger perspective and I have now started my own business which he has most likely been pushing me to create from the beginning of our interactions. I expect there is much more to come, and it is merely doubt of my own power I must destroy to achieve it.

Now for the philosophical part he specifically asked for me to share: “There is more to an empire than its leader.” He then shows me a vision of ubiquitous dark mist seeping through pores of ancient buildings, of which I got the notion were within Babylon.

I still haven’t completely grasped his meaning although I have a good idea. I just wanted to share this with you as soon as possible because I am excited on my newfound abilities to communicate (albeit amateurishly) with sprits.