Suhn’Tal’Ock Query


My name is Luna and I’m new here so I hope it’s ok to post this question here .
I am trying to figure out the best Day/ time/ moon phase - to perform the Suhn’tal’ock Wealth and Prestige Rite.

I feel like for anything concerning money / wealth a new or waxing moon on Thursday would be a good time but I’m not sure if that is correct when working with spiritual entities / demons etc .
I’d be really grateful if anyone has any advice please .
Many thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome @Lunaa It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


PS: Suhn’tal’ock is a Nether Lord under Azazel and can be called upon any day or time so there is no specific astrological timing required.


Ah , I see
that makes sense now , it was bugging me that I couldn’t find any reference to time / date etc :crazy_face:
Thank you for replying so quickly :smile:

Personally I find magik easier in the dark

But that may just be in my head


Yes I’m the same, I prefer nighttime .
I noticed when I see people doing their spell work online they do it during the day (maybe for practical reasons when recording ?) and also outdoors quite a bit .
If i had to do the work during the day time I’d be happy to do it rather then risk it not working or pissing off a spirit lol
but nighttime and the dark feel most
Comfortable to me and I can focus better .
I also do spell work at home so the sound of my neighbours cutting the hedges, hearing their kids screaming and car engines revving all bloody day long kind of ruins the mood you could say … it’s a bit like someone taking a huge mundane crap in the middle of my circle! :poop:

JS does a lot at night
Pretty sure @C.Kendall Does his at night
I seem to remember @N.D_Blackwood also has a preference to night

Do not judge by EA’s videos
Pretty sure Timothy and the editors browbeat him into ring lights and defusers

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Hehe maybe they do .:laughing:

@Silverbreeze @DarkestKnight

I performed the Suhn’Tal’ock - Wealth and Prestige Rite last night - do you mind if I tell you about it and see what you both think ?

I copied the rite from JS G and Barbies video (the one where they demonstrated a scaled back version that you Can perform indoors or in a small space w/o a rooster and a bonfire )
I used plain alcohol , gin and my blood as sacrifices - I burned the alcohol offerings , then put my blood all over the Sigil and burnt it at the end. I just hope it was all enough. Oh I also burned dried mugwort and patchouli for my incense.

It was the first time I have ever called
Upon a spirit entity in a ritual ( aside from the spirits of the elements when circle casting )
I can’t say that I particularly felt or saw anything different compared with a standard spell that I might do .
I did perform the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram first to clear the area so I hope I didn’t ruin things by doing that beforehand .
It was very robotic and clumsy because I was holding a book and reading from it at as well as performing the actions with a dagger . I used EA’s version that I wrote down word for word ( even used the angel names which seemed a little odd )

I then performed the Suhn’Tal’ock rite .
One thing that I did find distracting was that I was having to read from my spell book again because didnt know all the words off by heart . Normally I take the bare bones of a type of spell or Ritual ( if that makes sense )
And I flesh it out with my own modifications to make it my own . I use certain candles / add
Tarot cards / make my own sigils etc and say my own words . That way I can immerse myself and my energy fully rather than read from a book.
But because I haven’t called upon and asked for help from a spirit before I wanted to follow the ritual to the letter . So I think I might have to memorise the words and repeat the ritual so I have no distractions .

Does that sound like a good idea to redo it from memory ?
And may I ask have you ever had an experience where you have had to read from a book and found it distracting - did your end result manifest regardless ?
I’m hoping that just because it doesn’t feel like I made
Contact with Suhn’Tal’ock successfully it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen… or maybe I’m being overly optimistic and he didn’t hear me at all haha!
This type of magick is all so new to me so it feels very strange and clumsy right now .
I’m curious to hear your thoughts if you have the time I really appreciate your advice - thanks :blush:

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Always assume the spirit was present and heard you.

Yes, but with practice, you will be able to read from a book without falling out of trance. In the BALG Mastering Evocation course, for example, EA reads conjurations from his working journal during the rituals.


Doing it live with a book takes practice

I have had rituals work even though May focus was off

I agree with @DarkestKnight


I have had great success working with Suhn’Tal’Ock. I did the same ritual you did back in April and got great results. I got a very nice bonus I wasn’t expecting.


Excellent that’s great to hear :blue_heart:

Hi I performed the ritual again this weekend just to try and be a little more present . I only glanced at the book once or twice and felt like I had a much better experience as it felt more immersive / I was able to let myself go .
I spent longer meditating and was less conscious about wording everything perfectly .
I put a fairly large amount of blood into the sigil compared to last time . I drank the alcohol instead of burning it … the neat gin was NOT so pleasant but I read that spirits can consume offerings through you so I slowly sipped the alcohol instead of setting it alight .
I tried to converse with Suhn’Tal’ock and instead of hearing a voice speak back I kind of imagined answers - i don’t know if that was Suhn’tal’ock replying to me or me just making it up lol
Is that how it can feel first like you’re having a conversation with yourself ?

The air in the room felt different . My candles crackled and popped which added to the ambience, one funny thing that happened was that the candles put them selves out exactly as I ended the ritual :slight_smile: it was perfect timing, and almost Comedic the way they seemed to blow themselves out like that . I thought to myself well it’s a good job ive finished because I think he just left :laughing:


Suhn’Tal’Ock is a freaking badass. He’s come through for me several times and just did today actually. Usually when I call upon him as of right now. I’ll just take his sigil, pour some 91% rubbing alcohol in a steel bowl, and offer him some incense, whiskey, along with my blood on the sigil. Then light the bowl on fire and offer the offerings to him in that fire as it acts as a gateway. I’ve been incorporating these transactions this way for my sigil magic and have seen great results, especially; with Suhn’Tal’Ock.


Where is this spirit referenced? I have never heard of him.

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Hi , I hope this is allowed , here’s a link to JS Garretts Suhn’tal’ock DIY Wealth and Prestige Rite : - YouTube
JS has discussed him quite a bit on his channel, I believe Suhn’tal’ock is discussed in the book of Azazel by EA Koetting. ‘Creator of empires’ , ‘he can turn the summoners raw visions into reality’ and according to JS Garrett is ‘the best wealth demon he has come across so far’.
Sorry I’m no expert but the link should take you to JS’s channel and he explains it all much better than me :slight_smile: you get a demo of the ritual and it’s a cool DIY version that you can do even in a small space without a large fire
Or needing to sacrifice a bird !
I hope that helps :blue_heart:


That’s awesome to hear , yes he is badass .
Did you get a fast result ?
So I first performed JS’ diy ritual Fridays ago . On the Wednesday I managed to get a new job within my organisation , no application form to fill in or interview because it’s a job I did previously - but the role I was in prior to covid had warped into a :100: desk job since covid hit us and I hated it .
There was an ad out for the job I did before the one I’m doing currently ( same pay but I get to only work 8 hrs a day, leave on time and only work 4 /5 weekends per year ) so went with my gut and asked if I could apply , I was told yes I didn’t need to have an interview! they signed a transfer form and gave it to me the same day!
I might not be any richer but the wealth of my mental health has certainly increased ! :slight_smile:


That’s great and yes, the results came in fast. Like within 3 days at best. A couple months ago I called upon him to get me a raise at work. Then just a couple days later, our H.R. and new Production Manager shows up in the middle of the night around 2 A.M. to inform us that they are increasing our Premium Pay from $1 to $2 which helped for our entire shift. I then asked him about around a month ago to put more money in my pocket at work and he made it that we were gonna get paid weekly instead of bi-weekly now. He works fast and brings exactly what we need.


That’s fab , did you feel like he communicated with you at all during the ritual ?
It was my first and second ever ritual involving a spiritual entity so it’s all new to me but the second time when I was more relaxed I felt like I was talking to him in my head and answering myself but I wonder if that what it feels like -did you experience anything like that during your ritual ?
Thanks for sharing btw :blue_heart::+1:

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Is that just an invert filter or did you do something with software to get a white on black