Suggestions Wanted for Spirit Rescue and Demonic Removal

I’d highly recommend Duke Murmur. He’s a psychopomp, a necromancer and spirit guide. He can excorcise a troublesome spirit outright or even destroy it if asked. He can also lead souls to peace in the underworld.

Definitely Duke Murmur


This. I’ve said it before on here that they seem to be heterogeneous, not homogenous. Most explanations of what they are and why are dogmatic. People normally have no idea and have little experience with them.

Here My Shadow(nomicon) journey begins (Completed) if you’ve got some time on your hands. I left in the things I did right, things I did wrong, and show the progression I took through that path. I still work with Shadow People to this day, though not as heavily while I’m going through my current work through.

There are several ways of actually dealing with them, rather than banishing and kicking the can down the road for someone else to deal with. I’m mostly thinking energetic skills here, but evocation and binding into an object to deal with offsite would work as a stop gap and allow you to then approach the other spirits. May need to cord cut them from any controlling entity.

Dissolving the Shadow Person and repurposing the energy works. When I dissolve parasites, I collect the energy and make an offering to a trusted entity to collect, if I’m afraid it will form itself back together again.

Concerning your safe haven for these other spirits, an astral realm would work that you could enlist protection for. Create a sigil to act as a gate to it and invite them there.