Suggestions on learning more about Saturn?

Finally, after a very long time here on the BALG forum. Praise King Paimon. I’m sorry if this post already exists somewhere or is not the right category for asking, but I’m trying to learn about or gather information about Saturn. I’ve been learning about my natal chart and different planetary aspects and meanings for some time. I’m a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, and Gemini Rising. I intend to understand and work with Saturn and the energies related to him. What are some books or internet archives you’d suggest for learning more details about Saturn? Also, in general, I’d like to learn more about other planetary energies, but I’m mostly interested in Saturn right now. Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest browsing all the posts about Saturn while you wait: there are many approaches to this, from Kabbalistic to astrological. Maybe look into each of these and figure out which current or angle you want to take on first.


Cult of the Black Cube is an excellent read.

Seven Spheres by Rufus Opus might also be worth a read.


Fire and Ice by Stephen Flowers is about a German Saturnian Order. It has some ritual outlines that might prove useful.

Yes « The cult of the Black Cube » is a very good one, I highly recommend too.

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How did you find the rituals?

As someone who was born on Saturday at the hour of Saturn, I’ve been learning all I can about Saturn, as well.

Besides all the good suggestions above, I found some reference to Saturn once being a sun, although I’m not sure where that comes from or what it actually means.

There are also those out there in black space projects who claim there is a VERY ancient base in the rings of Saturn.

Just some tidbits to consider.


There is also the hexagram on the North Pole

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Of Saturn. Not Earth. Just for clarification’s sake.

Sorry for asking just to be sure, you mean this one?