Suggestions on consecration

I have just bought a crystal skull just recently to help me in my meditations and connections to spirits as well as myself.

I never had one before so I would like to know from you guys how you guys go about consecrating and charging such items. :slight_smile:

Here is the picture of my new friend

So this is going to be fascinating to see what I am going to learn from this. :face_with_monocle:

I’d sage it first and while doing so, have the intention of cleansing it from all negative energies and spirits that are not welcomed. Also, some visualization on that would help. Remember, intention is your strongest ally.

Once you do that, you can leave it out after sunset till 3:00 AM, on a full moon.

Thats what I personally do.


I would love to do this honestly! Thank you for your suggestions! Unfortunately I’m going to have to stick with oils and sprays do to where I live. Fortunately my window faces where the moon shines in so I feel it’ll catch enough of its rays to charge it some. :pray:t2:

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Here’s what I’d do. Put it over night under earth or salt. Next day take it. Set it in front of you and a . mirror. Light a candle and incense. Use oil on your hands if you have some.

Rub your hands together vigorously and then pick up the item and place it between both hands as if your praying.

"By the power of the four elements and the spirit of divinity inside me I do consecrate this skull that it may serve as a tool of art.

Pass it through incense smoke in front of the mirror.

That’s it.


You can also put it in a bowl of clean water, or under the full moon which is in a week.


Basically I would use fire, I prefer Dragon Blood incense, and I eventually began to experiment with laser lighting, which I really like, if you can find anything like that

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I frequently just use my own energy to remove, say, energies from manufacturing or where something’s been along the way.

If that’s your kind of thing, then send your energy into it, flooding it, with the intent of pushing all the unwanted energy out. With this object, you could also put it under running water easily to carry the energy away.


Oh definitely will! Honestly I’m thinking of doing what I do with statues that is safe to do with of course and that is to give them a “bath” of sea salt mix and herbs. I did this with my Apollo statue and it felt grate!