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You can also find books in places you didn’t realize. I buy most occult books off, got one of Asenath Masons last week. You can even get some occult books from lol.

I’ve gotten books from these places for over 50% less than the list price some 80-90% on Alibris. You’d just have to except some being used.

I agree with those that say stick with a book. Sometimes you can get a book thinking it’s what you wanted but after reading it find out nothing jives with you, I’ve had that happen before but I’ve found most of the time it all comes down to you.


Thank you!!!

Yes! I’ve had my eye on Kerval for awhile now too. What’s your favorite works by him?

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I like his Sabbatica series the best. There isn’t a bad article in those anthologies. The Qliphoth Opus series is great as well.

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I really feel like the books you listed in your original post are enough to keep you busy for a lifetime. Do you want experiential knowledge or just other people’s knowledge? I suggest Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics, and The Kybalion. They will get your mental juices stimulated


I’m sorry, but don’t be swayed by people telling you not to get more books. Getting more books is always great, and I love to see a library stuffed with jewels one could only find by going out of your way.

However, they do have a point when they say that practice is the priority.

You find a balance when your research is focused and directed around what your priorities are.

If you find that you’re not using or haven’t found a use for most of the books on your shelf or are not in a position to contemplate using them, take a step back to reflect on why that is. You may be spreading yourself thin.

However, if you don’t take the time to fish for obscure books or search for new sources of information, then you’ll be wedded to the same information that other people have.

Experience is important, but we don’t reach the same conclusions that we could have done if we only had the right knowledge.


I take Lavey’s work as a beginning course on lhp thinking. I dont agree with everything he says, but he’s challenging and truthful.

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I totally agree. There’s no such thing as too.many books to me :sweat_smile: And I think that’s a good thing but also a bad thing, because I get overwhelmed and can’t focus. It’s like having too many projects, so you’re unable to put all the necessary energy into one at a time. Definitely need to start practicing, and putting forth more action. And I definitely search out obscure titles to deepen my well of knowledge. That’s my main concern at the moment.

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Be careful when you buy occult books from big box retailers. Many of times they dont have the original version and it has been edited to remove a lot of the “good stuff”

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I tell everyone here over and over franz bardons Initiation to hermetics and his magickal evocation books are 2 of the most powerful books I have ever read. I should get a royalty for how much I advertisement them on this forum


You hear a voice from the east
he Whispers in a mischievous voice

pirate the booksss

he says in a serpentine voice

lol that’s what I do when i cant get a physical copy

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Im not saying you shouldnt get more books and im sure everyone else agree with me, but you should get one and work with and sure buy more while you work with one but dont let the new books distract you.

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I agree. I’m highly distractable. . I’ve been good in my focusing on one sole book lately tho.


Wise words

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Anyone have experience with these fluffy books that appear to be LOA or self help? This cheap thrift store has a pile of them.

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Get experience with the third one title: the secret and do manifest stuff with the law of attraction.

Seems the order is:
1 The Secret
2. The Power
3. The Magic
4. The Hero.

Self help books? Well at $1.99 for the stack i guess its worth a buy.

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I guide my self with the pictures of books but yes is the secret if its by order its self help and teach how to use the low of attraction.

A very useful book no matter what tradition you prefer.