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This might possibly be a thread already, but i havent seen it. I feel slightly immobilized because many of the amazing books are on the pricey end, and I’m currently trying to minimize my credit card spending. Would love to know what books everyone suggests. I have a bunch in my top reading list. Some include: Nightside of Eden, S. Connolly’s other works, Liber Null and Psychonaut by leter carroll, Liber Kaos, The book of forbidden knowledge, The Master Book of Herbalism by Paul Beyerl, all by J.Thorp Thomas Karllson’s,
Draconian ritual book and others by Asenath Mason… the list goes on to of course include EA Koetting’s books and the other authors like Kurtis Joseph, Timothy, etc.

Some books In my library:

Honoring Death: Daemonic Pacts, Daemonic Possession, The Arte of Daemonolatry Necromancy, Demonolatry Goetia, Wortcunning for Demonolatry.
by S. Connolly

Pacts with the Devil By S. Jason Black and Christopher S. Hyatt.

Ceremonial Magic and the power of evocation by Joseph Lisiewski

The Enlightened Luciferian I-III
Simon Mark Alvarez

The Bible of the adversary, Book of the Witch Moon, by Michael w. Ford

Natural Satanic Witchcraft by Kindra Ravenmoon

Rites of Lucifer by Asenath Mason

The Black Book of Satan

Grimorum Verum (which I read in a review is too christian, and used to control demons so I haven’t read much of it)

And of course Lavey books. I don’t care what some say about him, his writing style , and words makes me giggle.


There’s pleanty of cheap kindle books on amazon but what are your goals right now?


My goals right now is to buy an amazing read(s) that will motivate and push me to initiation, help create a routine, and show the best ways for evocation. I’ve been currently keeping myself in what I call my “learning phase”. I’ve been wanting to educate myself more before acting. However I have acted and evoked Azazel last summer, and gave a blood offering. I really need to get out of my stationary stagnation. I also don’t own a tablet so I haven’t really gone the ebook route yet.


a note on this book, yes like the goetia it relies on christian teachings but that’s not what it’s used for it’s more useful for the sigils of the spirits in it.

You can read it on computer or get the second hand paperbacks if you prefer ok.

For evocation;

EA Koettings Evoking eternity is a must so are the following.
Summoning Spirits konstantinos- some great exercises to train astral senses
Initiation into hermetics - Frans Bardon
The practice of magical evocation by the above author.

Also I wan’t to add that the best way learn is to do the evocation. and keep doing them regularly.
EA’s exercise of writing 5 questions for a spirit and writing down the answer will help you with the communication aspect.

As for a routine. Here’s some basics, Start by learning a banishing ritual if you search here for some variants on LBRP, you’ll find some good ones. Also EA has a video on the classical version of the ritual.
do that regularly. Before and after each evocation. then ofcorce the spirits. Also you can do the routine and exercises in those above books. The first two on the list are easier to digest.


Seems a little to me that you are stuck in a loop of getting good info to work with then not turistinformation the info you allready got.
Dont get me wrong i love books and i buy a fair bunch, but when i started out i bought books, read them and then did nothing with it and started with a new book.
When i found the BALG i decided enough with armchair crap lets go to work so then i dived straight in, i have bought more books after that ofc but some i havent even read i know the time to use them aint now.
@Laith_wavey put some good books in there like Konstantinos its the first i read on the subject of evocation and its a step by step walkyhrough with excersices. EA’ evoce eternity,
Then If you want another one ive read and can recomend is modern magic twelve lessons in high magic.
EA speaks abouth importance in the beginning to find a working system and use that to learn and then once you are confident and got the hang of things then you can start pulling things from other sources and make things your own.
So for that reason i recomend to find 1 good book that hives you as much as possible at the beginning and use that and not look at the other stuffs so much, its easy to get distracted like that and one might end up not doing anything (been there and done that).


I agree with the above and also recommend finding one book and working through the system in it completely, rather than jumping all over the place.

EA’s Evoking Eternity or Works of Darkness - EE is on evocation but WoD takes you from meditation, to sigil opening, to scrying, to evocation, to vampirism and necromancy.

I also second the above suggestions of Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos and Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, and I’d like to add Jason Miller’s Sorcerer Secrets. Summoning Spirits is Golden Dawn stuff but the development exercises in it are fantastic, and Initiation into Hermetics takes a long time to complete but if worked through completely it creates incredibly powerful sorcerers.


I like Edgar Kerval and Asenath Mason’s works. They have awesome individual work as well as some pretty rad anthologies. OAA and Works of Darkness are absolute must haves though.


The Psychonaut Field Manual by bluefluke.


You can also find books in places you didn’t realize. I buy most occult books off, got one of Asenath Masons last week. You can even get some occult books from lol.

I’ve gotten books from these places for over 50% less than the list price some 80-90% on Alibris. You’d just have to except some being used.

I agree with those that say stick with a book. Sometimes you can get a book thinking it’s what you wanted but after reading it find out nothing jives with you, I’ve had that happen before but I’ve found most of the time it all comes down to you.


Thank you!!!


Yes! I’ve had my eye on Kerval for awhile now too. What’s your favorite works by him?


I like his Sabbatica series the best. There isn’t a bad article in those anthologies. The Qliphoth Opus series is great as well.


I really feel like the books you listed in your original post are enough to keep you busy for a lifetime. Do you want experiential knowledge or just other people’s knowledge? I suggest Franz Bardon’s Initiation Into Hermetics, and The Kybalion. They will get your mental juices stimulated


I’m sorry, but don’t be swayed by people telling you not to get more books. Getting more books is always great, and I love to see a library stuffed with jewels one could only find by going out of your way.

However, they do have a point when they say that practice is the priority.

You find a balance when your research is focused and directed around what your priorities are.

If you find that you’re not using or haven’t found a use for most of the books on your shelf or are not in a position to contemplate using them, take a step back to reflect on why that is. You may be spreading yourself thin.

However, if you don’t take the time to fish for obscure books or search for new sources of information, then you’ll be wedded to the same information that other people have.

Experience is important, but we don’t reach the same conclusions that we could have done if we only had the right knowledge.


I take Lavey’s work as a beginning course on lhp thinking. I dont agree with everything he says, but he’s challenging and truthful.


I totally agree. There’s no such thing as too.many books to me :sweat_smile: And I think that’s a good thing but also a bad thing, because I get overwhelmed and can’t focus. It’s like having too many projects, so you’re unable to put all the necessary energy into one at a time. Definitely need to start practicing, and putting forth more action. And I definitely search out obscure titles to deepen my well of knowledge. That’s my main concern at the moment.


Be careful when you buy occult books from big box retailers. Many of times they dont have the original version and it has been edited to remove a lot of the “good stuff”


I tell everyone here over and over franz bardons Initiation to hermetics and his magickal evocation books are 2 of the most powerful books I have ever read. I should get a royalty for how much I advertisement them on this forum



You hear a voice from the east
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