Been meaning to ask this, but what is the point in suffering? The abused, the same day, the people who get raped and other bad things. Like; the closest thing in god I have seen as a method of relief is forgiveness and it just seems like a cop out.

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I call that fake forgiveness. It really doesn’t work.
If not a magic, therapy can help.

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One of those hard questions with a simple answer - there is always a reason, but each case is different.

I was about to write something but this opened up something I didn’t like and quite frankly I realise that I really don’t do the forgiveness thing to those who’ve abused me.

Sorry, I apologise etc mean nothing in today’s society. They are platitudes that are thrown about in appeasement in order to get your own way and manipulate I’ve found - then the person goes right back to the same behaviours without learning.

Think I need to go chat to President Marbas.


Suffering is there to be overcome, its a learning tool to teach people that yes bad shit happens but you can survive it and become a stronger person from it.

Not only that but one book I read recently was like; “did you unintentionally create the rape to come into your life?” And it’s just; how the hell can anyone just ASK unintentionally to have that happen?

Or through the Akasic Records we come back to experience new things; why negatives as well?

The world isn’t fair. It’s our job to make it fair.


@Pwnie There is no purpose. The world is a mess. The only good is that which you create and that which others create for you.


Mainly if everything was great all the time you would stagnate and not learn anything, you wouldn’t know anything except that everything is lovely all the time, so there would not be a need to grow and evolve into a better version of one self.


My favourite answer to this question and one I’ve found more empowering was that it’s there to show us what we don’t want, many people if you ask them what they want they will not know but ask what they don’t want will have a list. Ergo what you want is the opposite so manifest that instead.
I’m paraphrasing Abraham Hicks.

Pls save me an essay and read this book:

ESP. the bit on The Divine Paradox. :thumbsup:


@Pwnie I just don’t think there is a purpose. We don’t need to find a reason. It just is. It’s how we cope that matters.



The point is experiences and growth. Sometimes it is a lesson. It depends on the individual and their awareness and it is also situational. I suffered a lot of abuse and endured much Suffering. It made me strong. It made me the person I am. The fire refines and strengthens the steel. If there was no challenge there would be no growth. SO you can cry about why did that poor little girl have to get beat and abused until the cows come home, OR you can take the positive that came from that and own it, head held high. The choice is ours my friend. I chose to be happy and shine like a diamond. A diamond that shatters and cuts those who try to hurt me or those I love, now. Had I been coddled and pampered I would be soft and weak and asleep.

If given the chance to go back and do it again, I would not change a damn thing! Except maybe I would have gotten into magick as a child MORE and stayed with it, instead of getting scared because of lack of understanding and running from it for as long as I did.

To address this part I will say this;

Forgiveness is powerful as a tool. It can and will release YOU from the past. I had a hard time with it, but when I forgave the people who hurt, beat, molested, raped, abandoned etc me, it changed only this… It freed ME. I did not care or hurt any more. They had gone on with their lives not thinking about me at all. I was the one through remembering it, who was STILL hurting me via their memories at that point. It was ME and my mental functioning not them. They were long gone. SO I forgave them from the heart and I was unburdened of the weight of those memories and the pain they had embedded in them. NOW. I say that to say this. Forgive does not mean you let them back in your life to continue the abuse/pain. It means you come to terms with it, it is in the past and you leave it there and move on… It also doesn’t mean retribution is not available. Since we have magick at our disposal you can then curse or bind or whatever your little heart wants to do. Revenge is a dish best served cold. So now that you are not an innocent, defenseless child, maybe you can stand up for yourself and exact your pound of flesh. OR maybe they have moved on to another poor defenseless child who NEEDS rescuing. So I forgive but I do not turn the other cheek. I punch back. In that way it is not a cop out. It is a weapon of mass destruction!! hehehehe! Empower yourself and stop the pain. Like a G.O.D.


Because you have to deal with it. Learn, grow and move on. You go to the Akashic records not to be a weak individual. When you go there you are taking control of yourself and your life. You are awakening to the godhood that is IN you. Right? So things we have stepped over because we were too weak to face it come back. And it is a storage of everything so of course there are bad experiences there. It is our choice as to how we want to deal with it. We can rewrite it. Or we can remain weak and suffer from it yet again. But if you are going to remain the same weak individual then why are you doing all this and why go there in the first place. You are on this path to grow and empower yourself. To assume your power is not sitting there crying over a past experience. It is owning it and destroying the hold it has on you or destroying it completely. The choice is your to make.

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So wait; where does this place Karma and all that other stuff than?

The true definition of karma, as this race of beings have confused it: what you do now determines your place in death (formal) your actions have consequences (informal)

Google it too, it’s hilarious that they’ve confused it, especially when it’s in front of them.

I think I need to stop trying to understand how life works for a little bit. Fuck all kinds of confusing

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