Suddenly dreaming about a lot of violent events

I usually don’t remember my dreams, and usually my recurring/similar nightmares involve missing assignments or getting bad grades in college/school (which have since stopped because I’ve graduated). But as of recent I’ve been getting a concerning amount of dreams involving terrifying events, all of which involve people dying.

My most 3 recent ones happened within about a month- one involved seeing a hospital building’s floor collapse and crush everyone on the floors below, another was watching a storm outside rapidly flood a road and drag cars with people inside under the current. The most recent (and most intense I’d say) was last night, when I dreamt about going to a club. I was making friends with some new people before someone started shooting into the building from the outside windows, which were high up on the wall. I dove down, thinking I was going to die, and my heartbeat kept getting stronger and stronger until it literally woke me up.

I’ve never had intense dreams like this before, to my memory. At least not ones that felt and looked so real, and could potentially happen in the real world. I’m usually disturbed by them when I wake up, but I usually don’t dwell on them and go about my day normally, but now it’s just getting weird.

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Dreams speak in symbols, rather than absolutes. Occasionally they provide prophecy, but them you’d probably see the same event not different ones.
Most dreams contain elements from life and memories are stored away. This can cause lots of confusion but when you pick them out thy can be ignored.
Then you have your problem solving dreams, which take something that worries you and try to find solutions.
These are often all mixed up together as well.

So the first question becomes, what are the symbolic elements that matter, and what do they mean to you?

If this were me, I’d sit down to analyse it, and I might come up with something like:

  • Unexpected event, no warning
  • that no one could have prepared for
  • The event is fast
  • The event has a lot of energy behind it
  • Many people are affected
  • You care about these people
  • You can’t help them
  • You are not always part of the event (?)
  • Is it important that man made structures like buildings or roads are usually involved?

Your own analysis is probably going to be different, and that’s why dream interpretation is personal and it’s hard for people to do it for you and get it right. It’s worth spending time meditating, and in that calm state, ask the question, the answer should come to you.

And from here it’s worth asking if this is a warning to you or your subconscious that something disastrous is coming that you should be careful to look for, or, is it a fear based problem solving style dream from something you were exposed to in daily life? Either way it’s helpful to keep an attitude of calm, detached curiosity throughout the process.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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