Succubus removal

You inspired me. I’ll say to my succubi something poetic along the lines of ‘‘I’m your strawberry, be my cream, darklings’’ xD


I asked Lilith for some ladies to come see me 2 years ago. I got a succubus choking me now and causing me anxiety and raping me doesn’t matter what I do or say.


It’s good to see you. It’s been awhile!


I just called out similarly to what you did , huge mistake , intent is everything , you must write out what you want , specific Intention is everything

I’ve learned my mistake. Lilith won’t ask them to leave. What can I do to get rid of them?

I’ve been busy with work, lately, making it harder to write. I’m getting up at 5.15 a.m. and I’m back home at 6 p.m. Then it’s dinner, relaxing and off to bed to repeat the cycle. Friday is my day off, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Where her mouth was it was more like a beak of a predator or something.

It sounds like a Harpy to me. I know this kind of spirit, I think objectively that they are way much powerful than a succubus (maybe because it doesn’t seem to be driven by feelings, but more by knowledge).
I was blown by the energy of one of those spirits, I was at the beginning of my spiritual journey, and still unaware of the dangers this could cause. I was messing about certain types of spirits while I was invoking in a disordered way, hoping that they would understand that it was irony and that they had to make the effort to understand things as I invoked them.

That was a big mistake :upside_down_face:

She was very quickly aggressive and I had no time to do anything, and this was followed by several weeks where I had problems with insomnia. It was only later after I apologized that things calmed down. Before she left she did pretty much the same thing to me as that spirit did to you, that is, almost forced me to have sex with her :neutral_face: But that was a bird-like being :unamused: Even after she was gone, I could still feel her energy, like something lingering, but it wasn’t toxic or anxiety-provoking, it was just a violent, active energy

After that, I was too afraid to start invoking by myself again, so I had other people do it for me. That’s where I am today :upside_down_face:
Does the spirit I’ve described to you resemble what you’ve experienced yourself? Because Harpy are spirits that seem very rare to me


I honestly don’t know who she is or was. I can’t see her as a bird. She kinda stalks me, but some spiritual girls do that. It felt predatory (with a maybe). But I met beings that appeared female and went to harm me, and then those who felt uncomfortable (one of such spread her pussy, inviting me, after messing with me and making me want to hunt her down… I didn’t btw… I only kinda like cornered her and then she let her womanly charms out, not hiding pleasure of what she shows to me). But this being felt different from those encounters. She is a predator I think. Her beak alone was predatory, powerful meat ripping thingy as I saw it. But even though she stalked me, jumped me, I kinda like her I guess. She is wild, powerful maybe, predatory but not without womanly charm. Naughty but I like her from that last experience alone. I am attracted to strong and powerful females as well as gentle ones ^^. To the point, I didn’t see ever a harpy, unless it looked like something else. I don’t recall bird beings like harpies either. At least now I can’t recall any. The more experience you have the longer you need to think on everything you saw. I doubt she is a harpy. I don’t think she was violent with me or meant to be. I didn’t feel it. But she is predatory I think.

If I was to make an example, I’d say it’s like this: imagine yourself walking your own path in the deep forest, then she comes happily at you, from her hunt in the forest, jumping on your back, giggling, with whatever she caught. Just a pure example, it’s not what I seen, but this is how it feels if I was to transfer the energy i felt from her… in words. And you’re like: oh well, you wanna a kiss, hun? And then she bites you smilingly xD It felt more funny to me than violent or whatever. I also can draw parallels to when I was asleep and had to wake up alarmed, coz someone was going to touch me in intimate places. Maybe it was her. Naughty… but she is a nice girl. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t drench her in blood of others, like her prey, but I tend to attract such females and… more xD So I honestly doubt it was one. But I may be wrong. Don’t know, honestly what race she belongs to. To me it’s a curious thing and I want to know, but it’s not necessary to build a relationship even if she hunts for me as her mate. She is not bad. If some of the other experiences are done by her, she can be much… but so can I be at times. I understand her I guess.

Pay someone to do it , most likely without help a novice can not do it

It doesn’t have to be a harpy, though.

My succubus spouse looks similar to this:

…and this:

That doesn’t mean she’s a “harpy”. In my case, it means that my succubus spouse is a sorceress, a very powerful magician. I often feel her feathers when she touches me, too.

Maybe the succubus have a sorceress “trait”, or at least have a deep knowledge of magic?


Sweet! Hope you have a great time! We should talk some time. Until then see ya later.:yum:


I want a real succubus in the future with a personality and morals now :upside_down_face:

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Write her characteristics now, think on it for days, weeks, however long. Until you know it’s ready. Make a real letter of intent out of all the considerations you put previously on paper.

I also read my letter of intent out loud before the start of the ritual (from now on), when possible. It kinda feels like it adds to it. Then do the ritual and burn the letter and get disposed of the paper that you wrote on before the letter of intent.

Maybe later in life, I’m happy I no longer am sharing my sexual energy with another entity, I can focus on building the life I want financially and other aspects , it’s very draining and big commitment

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I still have a dominatrix waifu waiting for me to put her on the real letter of intent. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I kinda keep her on another paper that i still need to finish. I mean it can be already used, but probably better add a few final touches to it.

wait… or did I already do that? :thinking: Nah most likely not yet.

Yeah you could need time to recover. It may take long, depending on how bad it was etc.

yea I definitely need atleast 3 months of healing , I was going almost insane for a while , constant panic attack fear for no reaaon , a lesson learned these things can fuck u up


write a card to Lilith adressing the situation, in a respectful matter, evoke/invoke and give her the letter, tell her to get rid of the spirit

you can also try this ritual

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Thank you ,


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Hello I would like to know the guy please I’ve been with my succubuses for 2 years we have had our ups and downs but I’ve got other entities gangstalking me threw humans and I think she might be involved in the harrasment