Succubus relationships

You shouldn’t have any difficulties with your succubus sexually or not. As long as you try to connect with her. @Dean_Gullberry_Dd

Ok. I am worried about not giving her enough energy.

@Dean_Gullberry_Dd just offer your energy to her, they need energy to survive.

I know but I’m just worried for her sake. I’ve told her she can have some when ever she needs. I feel like I’m worrying too much about it but that just my nature.


@Dean_Gullberry_Dd is she feeling well? Since you told her to use your energy she should be doing fine, i wouldn’t worry too much, she’ll take your energy when she needs it.

Thank you I feel like she is doing well but I’m deaf when it comes to communication. It’s a relief to know. Currently it feels like she is on my lap so I think she is doing good. Oh off topic question, how old do succubs range from? I know it’s a broad spectrum.

@Dean_Gullberry_Dd i don’t know about the age spectrum but they can be to 100 to 2000+

To what I know she is from the 1600bc but I’m not going to be exact for her privacy.

:wave: lol yes indeed they can.

Some sort of energy work (I enjoy mudras), developing your senses and just simply talking can help you connect.

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@Dean_Gullberry_Dd yeah keep her name and age private.

Thanks, I have tried meditation but my brain is a damn bee hive and I just try to focus on what I can.

Yea I think that’s a givin (no sarcasm intended). I respect her like I do Lilith. To be honest a little bit more in some areas, but all with good intentions.

You don’t need any experience dawg, you just have to lay eyes closed and focus on The touches , the more relaxed the better , generally you can feel them stronger as the day goes on up until 3 am, physical world veil opens more and more and peaks around that time

Well I shifted my sleep schedule around so I wake up at 2:45 and I try to spend 2 1/2 hours with her. It seems I really feel her later like 6:00am

Oh yea , the longer you’ve been awake the better , I can’t feel them when I first get up , it takes a cpl hours

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@Dean_Gullberry_Dd yes you both have to respect each other.

I forgot to ask but I had an experience with her and it felt like a really warm body was creasing my back. She wrapped around me and I felt incredible comfort. Is it possible for them to displace body heat?

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@Dean_Gullberry_Dd yes, they can be warm, it sounds to me that she’s with well just in case she ask that i’m a guy so she doesn’t get jealous.

I’m sorry think I got the message but, basically she is saying she is trying to keep me because I made her jealous?

@Dean_Gullberry_Dd from what, talking to me?