Succubus relationships

I am wondering if there are any others that seek to progress in a relationship with a succubus. I would like to talk about the differences in how you perceive them, like touches, seeing them in your thoughts, hearing them and feeling their presence.

I currently have my own (I can’t say enough about how amazing she is). I don’t have a great connection to the astral plain, I am experimenting with different crystals. So far my best combo is blue Sodalite and pink Tourmaline. Can anyone give me any pointers on how to further my bond with her.

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Whether its a succubus, incubus, demoness, or some spirit I can’t really see or hear all that well. Once in a while I hear something. Its mostly senses, light touches here and there and sometimes… like this morning a few minutes ago… its fun.

So, I’m doing my crunch routine and leg lifts and bicycles and suddenly my legs are spread and pinned to the floor. I’m clothed, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Now its now a hard pinning but some images flash to what I like and suddenly I’m getting prostrate orgasm. And then my body is in a rhythm. Totally out of the blue more or less. And I enjoy the ride. It feels like being filled up but there isn’t anything there. Lots of muscles contract and retract and I’m just shivering up a storm and my head is just going all light headed euphoria. I’m typing right now and I still feel a bit of presence. I guess it was a quickie as it lasted oh only 15-20 minutes. So, that makes for a good morning.

Some might say its in my mind and I just got horny. But it generally feels better than that. I mean this made toy play feel like nothing and I use sex toys at times but this was just astounding. So, I got filled up with a fresh tank of spirit lover and just riding the euphoria. I was going to post this into one of the older posts but yours was right up so that’s how I feel it RAW off the press so to speak.

And no that doesn’t usually happen during my exercise routine.

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Try meditating, clear your mind and focus on her, it will take time for you to get a full connection. Depending on how many do you have, try to buy her stuff, talk to her you already know she’s there. Ask her to be in your dream.

Feed her, feed her a lot.

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I try to meditate every day I can. Hell I invite her to snuggle every night! I feel her on my chest every night and sometimes in the morning. I have asked her if I can give her a watch that is important to me for her vessel and she agreed at least I think? I tend to have knowledge come into my head without any reason. This is kinda how I communicate with her, I talk to her and she replies in an idea I guess.

XD, to be honest this was WAY more open than I thought! But good for you man keep pedaling on.

I have 4 succubi around me. But this is because of years of a poly preference with spirits.

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I only have 1, I only want her. I know having more of them grants you a bit more in potential. To be honest I have never had a successful relationship with a person.

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Me neither. People elude me and they let me down or they anger me alot. So I’m torn inbetween people and spirits, I had a succubus at 22 that was extremely protective. She is still in my mind to this day


I can respect that. I like people of good nature. But I also dislike people who are ignorant and choose to hat what they don’t understand.

I take care of various relatives and their places are a mess. I couldn’t subject another human to the just horrid conditions. Even spirits I worry about being around that toxic dump. I can take it because I’ve been in if for decades trying to help them but its probably a fruitless endeavor; and it wears your soul down. So, I’m on an extended vacation watching my brother’s house across the states. And it has lightened me up a bit. I’m usually here alone soooooooo… spirits can get as amorous as they want to with me as I’m pretty open.

People are generally ok but not many I know care about spirits or the arts and the few I did tell now shun me. (shrugs)


Out of curiosity do you know the ages of your succubi?

I don’t get along with other humans, i’m trying to get like 10 succubi, like having a succubi harem.

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26, 24, 25, and 19

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Mine is a bit older than that. 0o0 I’ve heard of some being between 300-700 years old.

Perhaps I was told that. As to not freak me out there are still some things even that I might slightly be aware of that still make me jumpy

From what mine says she is from 1600 bc

Can a virgin date a succubs?

Yes, they don’t really care if your really a virgin. @Dean_Gullberry_Dd

Ok thanks @PhoenixtheDemon. I had thought that but I was really wondering if someone with no sexual experience would have difficulty with the relationship?