Succubus Relationship help

Hello I’m new here about 2 weeks ago I made a letter of intent towards Lilith and it’s definitely worked. I used no blood or semen though. So since then everything’s been fine except my succubus. It felt like she kept changing. Changing how she felt and how she acted idk how to explain that but it was different. So last night while I was meditating I found out I actually have 3 succubus and that I’m in a polygamous relationship with them. Anyone here with more than one succubus have any advice I’m new to this I don’t think I cant handle 3 succubus.


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Hello! Being clear with them is key. Talk about the expectations of each and yours.

Do you also have more than one

Two incubi

I only have my one incubus. Having more than one would be confusing for me.