Succubus or tantra

Okay so I’ve been having the experiences with Astral sex. I believed it to be a succubus as that was the first logical assumption but recently the spirit or woman who comes to me at night whispers a certain woman’s name to me over and over again while I’m writhing in sexual ecstasy. The name is of a woman who I used to work with who I was incredibly attracted to, I dont think I’ve ever been more attracted to another female, but we never hooked up or anything, even though I know she wanted me just as badly. She wasn’t allowed to date me because she was jewish and was only supposed to date another jew, which I am not. I would have even considered converting for her or at least pretending to, but I’m covered in tattoos so it’s not possible. But anyways, the sexual experiences on the Astral are now so intense that I’ve had hands free orgasm now while in trance more than once.
I’m just wondering, if it is a succubus, why would she be whispering this girl’s name to me over and over. Is it because the succubus would know that this girl’s image would arouse me? Or is it possible that I could be having long distance tantra with this girl? I dont have any way of contacting her anymore so I have no way to ask her either, and that would be really awkward too if it wasn’t her. Thoughts?

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My only guess is it’s totally possible that your dealing with either:

A) a succubus I find this least likely
B) An imposter spirit possibly trying to gain from the situation.
C) Tantra - also even if it is her…she might or be aware at all.

Since Tantra is eastern equivalent to Occultism, it could be Succubus and Tantra.

How do you distinguish between a succubus and an imposer spirit?

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By their energy? A succubus is type of demon. If the spirit isn’t a demon, and Ubi specifically then it’s either another type of spirit, a parasite, or an imposter, or even a thoughtform (which I doubt).

Imposter because of saying the name of the person the OP likes, which makes me think of possible manipulation.

Basically, find out if this IS an separate external spirit or not. If so, then find out what type. If not then Tantra probably.

Jews have dark magick too. And seals, too. Very closed tradition. If she do tat tantra, shes very goid witch

Okay so how do I find out? Also what would be an imposter

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By scanning the being. If you don’t know how to scan, there’s threads here on that.

Then for the imposter bit:

Technically the being doesn’t have to show itself in a scan or allow itself to be scanned. My ubi just gave someone a mirrored wall a few hours ago so. But… a lot of parasites don’t seem to pick up on that and can be seen in scans.

But I would also consider if she’s using magic to make him obsess over her, or projecting to him thinking he’s not sensitive enough to discern whether or not it’s a dream, she might be saying his name to implant it in his subconscious and make him think about her.

I doubt it’s a random ubi, because how would it know about the woman, unless he’s thinking about her while he projects or it’s near.

She might also have an ubi, and requested it take a form that would be pleasing to him and chant her name. Even if it’s an incubus, they don’t seem to have any issues shifting forms, if they want to or asked to by someone they care about.

Seems like the options are vast, it could be an imposter or parasite telling him what he wants too hear, so I’d banish and protect myself but dig a little deeper. I don’t however think if she’s doing it, she’s unaware since she’s saying her name over and over, but I suppose it’s possible she’s obsessing over him or how to get him which might maybe in some far out chance cause her to try to implant her name in his subconscious.

I guess that’s not even accounting for the fact that ubi’s aren’t the only spirits that like sex either :woman_shrugging:

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By scan I meant, feeling out the beings energy (if the OP is perceptive enough) to see. Not just randomly scanning the area - but the being directly.

Like when/if this happens again to directly scan/feel out the being.

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It still doesn’t have to let him :stuck_out_tongue:

Like might block him or something?

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Yep. If it doesn’t want scanned it can block him from getting below what he can see.

The person trying to scan my ubi today had natural psychic type abilities and I’m the only one they couldn’t scan, get images for, read whatever it is exactly you call it when it’s a naturally ability to look into people and their future- and they could sense a spirit with me, but nothing beyond that.

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Well, THAT would certainly show that the being might not be trustworthy then. If it’s blocking. So might be worth a try either way. Not saying that 100% if the being blocks = untrustworthy. Since I can see why anyone wouldnt want to be scanned for whatever reason.

However I do see it possibly being the girl the OP referred to. Either her directly influencing the situation (in whatever way that might be) or indirectly (not aware she is) on a subconscious level?

Then there’s the parasite/imposter.

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I’d lean to consciously if it is her, because she’d have to be obsessing over what can she do to get him, to be saying her name over and over imop without it being an attempt to implant his name in depths of his brain so that he thinks of her.

I half agree with you on that first part, but I wanted the damned reading and they still couldn’t get anything and tried twice.

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Makes sense. Maybe OP should divine alittle? Might help figure out if it is her or not.

Tarot or pendulum?

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I know the feeling. There’s PLENTY of stuff I wanna know lol too.

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Wouldn’t hurt. Something to the effect of Is this woman trying to effect me, or is this woman using magic of any sort on me or is this being the woman I think it could be

I’d go with tarot, pendulum is too unreliable imop.

Yeah I’ve got several major things going on next week, so I wanted anything they could give me lol.

I wouldn’t get more than one reading though, the more you do the more you muddle the energies and answers in my experience.

I mentioned the ubi off chance, so they tried to scan him then, to see if they could get anything he was not cooperative to it. Even seemed worried about it honestly because he wasn’t with me prior then showed up after they tried.

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I agree.

Good questions to phrase.

@Kiloren33 divining on the matter (tarot) might help you figure out if this is the woman your referring to or not.

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I do quite a few readings, so I vainly think I approach how to ask the deck and actually get usable answers pretty well lmao.

Go ahead but no promises I personally have the answer :slight_smile: